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Postpone birthday party?

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How many times have you had a to postpone a birthday party?

Last Friday DD#2 turned 2! That week she had the stomach bug and then RSV. She had just gotten over it when my mother (the host) got sick so we postponed to today. This week DD#1 had a fever but it went away Wednesday so we were going to proceed with the party...WRONG! This morning (birthday party take 2 day) DD#1 wakes up with a fever.

My poor baby! Maybe everyone will be well enough by the Summer to celebrate! It could be 2 year molars, but I don't think I want to risk it!
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In 2005, we planned dd's 3rd bday for Jan. 16th and she was sick. Rescheduled for Jan. 23rd and we got a blizzard. 2 feet of snow with 5 ft snow drifts! Finally had the party on Jan. 30th , but didn't think of parking-because of the blizzard, there was nowhere to park in front of the house-so dh and my sister shuttled everyone from the grocery store parking lot about 1/4 mile away and our house!
Winter birthdays are so hard!
Of course the following year it was sunny and 65 degrees and we spent almost the whole party outside!!! That's New England for you. LOL
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I hope she feels better soon.

I have had to postpone parties for both girls once each (one time was due to illness and the other time was because of an ice storm).
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