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31 states will be affected by this storm

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31 states will be affected by the winter storm making it's way across the country with ice, snow and blizzard conditions.

How many inches of snow are you supposed to get where you live?

Are the schools going to cancel for snow days?
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Early dismissal for my son's school. We are more worried about the ICE here than the snow. we have snow ranging from 6inches to 2 feet and Ice ranging all the way up to 2 inches. -In 2006 dec and 2007 jan, we went without power for five days!!!!! We have a heater that takes propane and I have a gas stove and oven so we are good if we do lose power.

I live in St. Louis missouri.
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Southern MN here. We are supposed to get about 15 inches I think when it is all said and done. We did not have school today and it is supposed to keep snowing through the night and the wind is supposed to pick up, so I am not so sure about tomorrow.
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We're supposed to get 18 plus here in Ohio. I have a gas stove and that's what will save us if the power goes out. I wish we could just get our own house and be prepared for this kind of stuff!!!!!
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Slated for 4-5 inches on Tuesday during a 14 hour stint than Wednesday from 15-18 inches in 7 hours. Fun stuff..... can you say another snow day?
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
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We're only supposed to get about 7 inches total I think. School today and almost certainly school tomorrow. We almost never get snow days.
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We are just getting some cold weather down here. It was so nice today, in the 70s. I had on my short sleeves and was out working in the garden. My neighbor tells me it is suppose to get down to the 20s within a few days. I hope you all stay safe and warm!
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No snow. Our weather is just going to get colder. However, we're affected by the storm because hubby's business trip just got postponed for a week. The customer called and told him not to try to come because they weren't sure they could even get to work.
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Early out today and they have canceled school for tomorrow. Supposed to get a foot or more overnight and then the blizzard conditions start.
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Our Gov. declared a state of emergency and currently just in my news channels area, there are 121 school closing including universities. We are in an area that could get anywhere from 6-16in.
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