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One of the fundraisers my daughters graduating class is doing is selling Sobey's gift certificates. (actually they are the gift cards).

Now I don't go to Sobey's regularly but I do go to Price Chopper for fruit lots of the time(in my area they are less expensive than Superstore for loss leader apples and oranges, Price Chopper has a different apple everyweek on sale). Price Chopper (which is owned by Sobey's recently in my area stated they would honour Sobey's gift certificates).

Anyways, for my daughters individual account she gets a portion of the gift card, in December if I had bought gift cards because of the volume that were bought in that month I would have received 10% back as cash for her.
It varies each month depending on the volume bought.

I initially bought a couple of hundred$$ and now will put in an order on the last month to order (April for her school), since I think there will be more volume whne people realize it's the last month.
I told my husband I am going to estimate how much I spend in a month and buy enough for the next two years until my next child graduates.
Lots of schools in our area use this as a form of fundraising, but what I like is that for her school a volunteer(bless their heart!) actually tabulates what individual students will make in their own account.

People can also buy and say the money made can go in the general account for all students.