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St. Patricks Day!

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Anyone doing anything special to celebrate? Do you decorate or make a special meal??
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It's not a big holiday for us.
We may go to the parade the Saturday before, mainly to catch beads to donate.
St. Patrick isn't exactly a hero to Pagans.
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Since my hubby's Irish, we decorate & fix traditional food. Our kids say that it's their favorite holiday after Christmas! LOL
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I should do more since I'm 1/4 Irish (my maternal grandmother is from Dublin, Ireland), but all I do is wear something green.

Actually, I'll probably be using that day to plan for my dd's birthday party. Her birthday is the day after St. Pat's day.
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We aren't Irish, but I do make Irish food.  Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.  

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It really is pretty much a non holiday to me. I usually just wear green. This year I will be at an all day team wrestling qualifier, so I doubt I will even wear green.
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We never did anything special either, since we aren't Irish.  The girls always remember to wear green that day though.

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I wear green that is it. We should do more, but we are usually busy with other things. In fact I just noticed it is on a Saturday, so we will get together with friends. I might come up with a green dessert, but I am pretty much committed to Southwest Lasagna.

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