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Cutting a mattress down to size?

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I have been using a king size bed for the past several years but would really like to go back to a smaller bed. I have an antique bed that is not a standard size. It is bigger than a full, smaller than a queen, and is also not a "double."

When we used it many years ago, we had to order a special-made mattress.

At the moment, I don't have this in the budget, plus I think it still has a few years left in it and I don't want to send it off to a landfill (when mattress companies cart off your old mattress do they always send it to be recycled????)

Given all of this, my great idea was to cut the mattress down to the size I need. It is not a tempurpedic or other foam mattress. It is a regular mattress, Sealy, I think. No pillow top. Middle of the line model about 9 or 10 years old.

I don't mind if it doesn't come out pretty (it will be covered with a sheet, after all... and I can even put a sheet over the box spring as a cover.) I do, however, mind if it falls apart.

Has anyone ever cut a standard mattress down to a smaller size?

I found one online resource about a woman making old mattresses into a couch; however, that is the only thing that I found about standard mattresses. Everything seems to be about foam mattresses.
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I would take it to the nearest matteress dealer in your area, and see what they can do.

I wouldn't try this on my own. Unless I had the money in the budget, to buy a new one, if my efforts failed.
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I don't think they would do it. My experience is that they don't like to deal with used mattresses. Still worth a call, though.
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If it's a standard inner spring matress you are looking at a TON of hacking and mangling to keep your mattress from falling apart. Interior springs and their placement are different than the spring placement around the edge of the mattress because the edges also contain more support bracing. If you are cutting this edge off than you are seriously jeapordizing the chances the mattress retain it's shape, coils don't shift, etc, etc. Also taking into account that Kings are longer than other mattress sizes you are going to be cutting two edges off your mattress. I highly doubt you are going to end up with anything usible after doing this unless you are super super MacGuiver-ey. I would call up mattress dealers or furniture shops and see if they may be able to point you to a professional who can alter it, keep your bed a king, or buy a new mattress to fit.

Just curious, if you ordered a special sized mattress for this bed before, why would you still have the bed but not the custom made mattress?
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DO NOT do it! I have a girl friend who cut apart a mattress - a twin sized - so she could dispose of it. Apparently the trash company wouldn't take it unless it could fit in a trash can. It took her nearly a year to get that thing taken apart and she was still left with pieces - like the metal ring that goes around the entire mattress - that she couldn't cut any further without special tools. She ended up using the metal ring to make a canopy for her bed.

Anyway, it was a mess and a lot of work and she wasn't even trying to use the thing, just throw it out. Plus, the life cycle of a standard mattress IS 10 years old so, while you could probably get 2 years out of it, they probably won't be enjoyable years.

Instead, I'd invest my time and money into buying layers of great foam, cutting it to size and fashioning a cover for it to keep it all together.
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We bought a memory foam mattress from Costco over a year ago and LOVE it. I did a lot of internet research and found it interesting that many people buy them to cut down to custom sizes. One guy used an electric knife (like the one we use to carve the turkey!), to fit one in an Airstream camper he was remodeling. Pretty cool idea.
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I know that it is weird that we have the bed but not the mattress. At the time, we sold our house and moved to a MUCH smaller house so my husband could go back to grad school. We simply didn't have room for the mattress that we weren't using at the time. At that time, the kids were still younger and sometimes ended up in the bed with us, etc and the smaller bed just wouldn't cut it. haha... I'm talking about hacking up a mattress and I said cut it... haha...

Anyway, I see your point about having to cut TWO sides. I really hadn't thought about that. I was only thinking of one, not two. While my husband is quite the McGyver... I'm not sure if that one may be beyond him... at least not without a LOT of headaches.

I am also in the unfortunate position of the king size bed frame being broken at the moment...


I may have to check out the cutting down the foam mattress option. It may be cheaper than a custom mattress.

Thanks for the input/ideas! Especially the horror story about the torn apart mattress! That one may have scared me right over the edge.
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