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How young is too young for Kindergarten

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One of my customers came in today to pay on her loan. She had her 4 year old little boy with her. She ask me if it would be a problem to refinace her loan in August, because she is starting her little boy in Kindergarten.

He will turn 5 a month or so afterwards, but I really think this is too young. I know when dd started to kindergarten they had to be six by a certain deadline to sart. (I think it was Oct. but I don't remember).

How young is too young?
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When I was little the cut off was Oct 15 (or so) and I turned 5 Nov 3. I stayed out until the next school year (when i was 'officially' 5 (instead of testing in early) . I did the same with DD (she is a Dec birthday) and she is no worse for it

Now the cut off in NC is 5 by August 31. I think it is smart. I wouldn't want to push my little one. I enjoyed having them home with me and honestly they were still leaps and bounds ahead of where they needed to be for Kindergarten standards.
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I really don't like when people push kids, let them be kids. Ds is a November 20th birthday so we will have to wait to start him in kindergarten and that suits me just fine. I am considering homeschooling him anyway, and enjoy our learning time together. Instead of pushing to enroll the child, maybe find a good preschool program, that way the child learns to leave mom but is in a more emotionally appropriate environment.
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It is different for every child, and she has a choice. Ideally, she knows her child & if he is in pre-school, there is a good idea as to whether or not he is ready. My birthday is at the end of November, on the cutoff day, and I started K at age 4, was always the youngest in the class, and graduated high school at 17. It was never a problem. My nephew was born on Tgiving day; my sister had the choice to start him at 4 or 5; she chose to hold him back. He was always at the top of his class & excelled at everything. She probably should have started him younger, as he was physically taller than all the other kids - he would have done fine either way.

I was having dinner w/ a girlfriend the other day & we were talking about this very issue. Get this - I started freshman year of high school at 14. She was in 7th grade at 14. Her parents decided to hold her back, then the following year she was very ill & had to wait again, so she didn't start K until 6.
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If the child is able to interact with the other kids just fine and is able to learn the material then I don't see anything wrong with starting him in Kindergarten. The age dates here are pretty strict in the public schools, not so much in the private and montessori schools. I know many people who started kindergarten in one of those 2 situations so they could begin earlier or later than what the public schools enforced. They would then enter into the public school system for first grade. I think each childs circumstances are all somewhat different, but I don't think you really can be too young.
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My middle dd was very close to the cutoff date of whether she could go or not. So it was up to us. However, when she was evaluated, the teacher advised us to hold her back one more year. I was devastated (because my universal plans for her were interrupted!), but we did hold her back. She did great at school, but I wonder how her life socially might have differed. She saw all her friends move on while she stayed back. And I think she was a bit shyer because she suddenly found herself with other kids she didn't know. Some people thrive on that; she didn't.
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I was just talking to a junior high teacher yesterday about this very same subject. She says she sees about 20 boys, each year with cutoff birthdates, that she feels would have done so much better had their parents waited a year. She sees a few girls too but usually it is boys. We've decided to hold DS back a year. He's a June birthday, both DH and I were July birthdays, the youngest in our classes, and always felt it would have been better had we waited a year. DH also worries about sports and being the smallest on the team ... which never was a big deal to me but I see his point.
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Well, when I was little I didn't go to kindergarten and started first grade at five years old and I did just fine.
My son has a December birthday so didn't meet the cut off date, so he was in preschool this year and will start Kindergarten in the fall and will be almost six. While I think he is fine for this academically, I think maturity wise this is better for him. From talking to other moms that I know with kids the same age though it seems to be that way with boys more than girls. I think it all just depends on the child.
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Originally Posted by Tomsgem View Post

I really don't like when people push kids, let them be kids.

I tend to agree with this. I feel like they'll have their entire school career to be pushed, why start it so soon? Our ds had just turned six when he started kindergarten last year. In Minnesota, it's more the norm to wait rather than have a child enter school early. I think trends do vary by state though.
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In our area - and in the 4 surrounding states (because I checked!) - have a strict cut-off date which can't be negotiated. I know this because DD's birthday falls one day after the state's cut-off date. I couldn't even get her into a private preschool because they said she didn't make the cut-off date for public school. The only way she started kindergarten with all her friends was because ONE charter school in our area changed their cut-off date by 4 days in order to increase their enrollment. There is no way any school - private, public, charter, magnet or otherwise - would have allowed a kid to enroll an entire year ahead of time. In DD's kindergarten class there was one girl who missed the cut-off date by a week so she went to preschool for three whole years before kindergarten. She entered school reading CHAPTER BOOKS!
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