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Can you (& other adults you know) tell time with a clock with hands on it?

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There's a person on a TV show I'm watching that I think can't tell time on a clock with hands. Someone asked what time it was a while back and someone answered "quarter till 5" or something and she didn't know what quarter till meant. So they spent 15 minutes trying to explain it and I don't think she ever got it. More recently she also said she didn't like clocks with hands, so people are speculating she can't read a clock unless it's digital.

I'm amazed by that, but then I wondered if that's because I'm old and didn't have digital clocks when I was growing up! I know my kids had to learn to tell time with a clock with hands so I assume they still know how, although admittedly most clocks are digital now.

So do you think it's weird? Do you know adults (this person is 25 ish) that can't read a clock with hands? Do you know what quarter till means?
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Growing up, we always said, "quarter of." Ex: If it was 11:45, then it would be a quarter of 12.

I went to school out west and when I said stuff like that, my roommates were like, "What?"

I'm going to be 30 next month and I can tell time. lol Some people get so caught up in the technological age. I will say that my math is HORRIBLE w/out a calculator...even simple stuff a 4th grader could do. So I really can't say much!
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I wear a watch with hands all the ti e. My kids all can read a clock with hands and I know they teach it in the elementary school.
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I know they start time with hands in Kindergarten, both my boys can tell time on them. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't as an adult, maybe will have to test the theory with my 20 something younger cousins lol
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Yes, even Maggie is learning about "when the big hand goes to 12". The power goes out so frequently here (several times daily) that we don't use digital clocks.
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Everyone here can read a clock with hands - thankfully we are still getting that taught in school so far as I can tell. They learned in 3rd grade (I think) quarter to, quarter past etc. I would think it odd if you were not able to read a clock unless it was digital.
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Of course! I learned that way, but so did ds and he is almost ten. He learned in K. I can't imagine anyone over the age of say, 7 not knowing how to tell time with a clock with hands! I mean don't kids still learn that way? Mine did!
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I knew an 18 yr old who couldn't tell time, unless digital, and I was shocked! she was homeschooled.... lol not that makes a difference, but her mother was a bit dense and should have sent the poor girl to school.
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the adults can here...

the kids...NO...they STOPPED teaching kids how to tell time on analog clocks in the public grade school system!!! so mine never leanred at all!!!!...we are trying to teach them( all grade schools here have a digital clock in their classrooms, most high schools too!!).
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Each time my kids were in first grade they came home with worksheets as homework with clocks that had hands and they had to write the time. Or a time was given and they had to put in the hands. My kids CAN tell time using a clock face. Sometimes it takes me a minute, I was never good at math, but I can do it.
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