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What does the ideal simple/frugal wardrobe look like?

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Clothes. Most of us have too many. Some of us have closets full of clothes but nothing to wear. But how does one build the perfect wardrobe? Should you hit the end-of-season sale racks looking for bargains? Should you splurge and get the best you can afford, making it last forever? How much is enough? How important is image? There are so many schools of thought on this it's easy to get confused.

What does the ideal simple (yet frugal) wardrobe look like to you?
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I'm not that much into the newest fashion trends. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, so it's pretty easy for me to have a simple/frugal wardrobe. I like the classic midrise bootcut jeans because those won't go out of style for a long time (if ever). Keeping up with the current fashion and living frugally contradict in my opinion because you're spending money on items that won't stand the test of time. I think that the most important thing is that a person's wardrobe makes them feel confident, because when a person feels confident and comfortable, he/she looks more attractive.
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I have been thinking about this and havent found an answer yet!

I think classic looks are a better value than trends. I think we should all buy one trendy item that we really like at a sale price becuase It feels good to feel like you look up to date but other wise most of it is a waist of money. I like mid rise boot cut jeans and a pair of black slacks and a pair of kakies(sp). Im not really a t-shirt girl . I like polos. They look a little more put together and can go anywhere. I buy what a really like and dont worry about the price so much becuase its not a value if you dont love it!KWIM.
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My perfect simple wardrobe would be ....
one little brown dress

I love the idea of it, but I could never go that far.

So, my dream perfect simple wardrobe

*2 pairs of perfect fitting, slimming jeans. I'd like to say one pair but life happens.
* 1 pair of slimming black dress pants (I see a slimming theme here)
* 1 feminine fit black top - looks good with the dress pants or the jeans
* 5 lycra 3/4 length scoop neck Ts in 5 different colors. Flattering, fitting, and with the lycra, never loses it shape.
* 1 pair of light weight jean capris.
* 2 bright cotton / lycra dress shirts that don't stain and don't need ironing. (I :love: Landsend)
* 1 fleece sweater / jacket
* 1 sweater set with cotton / lycra in a bright color
* 7 pairs of undies
* 7 bras
* 7 pairs of socks
* 1 warm set of jammies
* 1 cool set of jammies

Lots of closet space. :D
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Gosh I have no idea...I've never really thought about it. I don't buy "just to buy". That is just not my personality. I would guess you have to look at your lifestyle and what you're comfortable having and get rid of items that you don't need, don't wear etc

I know for me, I dress in a very classic, non-trendy way for the most part. I have sweaters that I wear, that I was wearing in I think it also depends on your sense of style and how important that is to you. For me, I'd rather have a few good quality pieces that I can wear for years and years, than a whole closet full of junk.
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Over the past few years, I have stocked up on classic clothing at the Talbots semiannual sale and the factory outlet. It's now so easy dressing for work - just a pair of classic pants, a sweater and a jacket. It may not have been the most frugal, but time is money. I don't want to waste my time worrying about what to wear every morning. I always feel appropriately dressed for work and it couldn't be easier.
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I personally like to spend a little more on quality pieces that can be worn over and over. Classic cuts, classic colors for maximum usability. I would consider items like black and tan dress slacks, blazer, white blouses, flattering jeans, to be my base items.

I do like to look somewhat in "style" so I will pick up clearance accessories or clothing items that can be used with my classic items.
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Find styles you like and stick to them. I currently have too many clothes but I have a fairly large work wardrobe. There isn't much I can cut down there but I have gotten rid of a few items I never wore too much.

Make sure you love the pieces you have. If you don't like it you won't wear it so what is the point of having it take up space in your closet? I was just thinking last night that I have a lot in the "underwear" department, socks, bras, panties, lingerie. The lingerie I am not willing to part with. I like to have it and I'm sure dh doesn't mind either.

But I will be going through the panties this week. I could wear a different pair for over a month I'm sure! Thats insane. But I will keep more than just a weeks worth. I don't want to "have" to do laundry at a certain time, sometimes my schedule doesn't work like that. The same with socks.
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Right now, it looks too big! I have been losing weight so don't have much that fits me. However, in the spring I'll do some shopping. I'm hoping for:

2 jeans
2 casual pants
5 tshirts
4 blouses
4 shorts
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For starters my frugal wardrobe doesn't look cheap or mismatched (like a lot of unfrugal people think that just because I did't pay much for it that it doesn't look good). My trick is to build it slow with pieces that I'll actually wear.

My image isn't a huge thing for me, however I do want to look professional at work. Contrary to popular belief work clothes aren't any more expensive than others if you shop the right way. I wear a D cup so finding clothes that fit right is a huge challenge for me.

I have discovered that the Lane Bryant dress shirts fit me great almost every time. So, I watch craigslist and ebay for deals and stock up when I see something good. A few months ago I found a woman on craigslist who lost weight and was selling her entire wardrobe. I got 20 pieces of nice clothing for $50. That how much one Lane Bryant shirt would cost new.

For pants I stick with Old Navy (which can be found on ebay) or whatever walmart has. However I have a lot of nice item froms B. Moss. They have great work clothes, but are expensive. However they have great sales. I can usually get a $50 pair of pants for $10-15 and they last me many years.

As far as casual clothes I'm a jeans and T shirt person so whatever I can find that fits ok works for me....I'm going to be cleaning in it anyway so it doesn't matter much what it looks like.
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