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What to do with Egg noodles????

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I was given 2 big bags of egg noodles (I don't cook w/ them) and need some recipe ideas. I looked up some recipes on Food Network and was not impressed.
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I use them in tuna noodle casserole. There are many different variations but mine involves peas, cream of mushroom soup and tuna. Mix the canned stuff together, cook noodle, mix together and done. Some people use other veggies. I also use egg noodles with canned meat in a stew. Some people use them in chilis
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Tuna noodle casserole and beef stroganoff.
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I make DH's favorite, Schinken Flecherl. It's a ham casserole - you have the chopped ham, some eggs, sour cream, parmesan cheese & egg noodles mixed together. My mom used to make it. It's so good we can hardly stop eating it, so I only make it 1-2x/year, with leftover holiday ham.

Also, things like beef stroganoff or just buttered egg noodles w/ parmesan cheese or cheese/breadcrumb mix sprinkled on top, as a side dish. You could probably also do pesto noodles as a side dish w/ them too.
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First inspect the noodles, especially if they are the fresh, homemade looking ones. Egg noodles can get mealy bug.

Second, use them like any other pasta. You can dump marinara sauce on them and you're good to go. Or just serve them buttered with a little fresh parsley as a starchy side dish.

My husband loves egg noodles with mashed potatoes on top. On the mashed potatoes put stewed chicken (just chicken and broth). I've never understood this dish but it is very Midwest and filling so I'll relent and make it for him (rarely).

Lastly, add the noodles to soup.
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we like them in chicken noodle soup.
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In addition to beef stroganoff and tuna noodle casserole, I use them to make a ground turkey casserole that I found on the internet and just plain beef and noodles. I have used them for chicken and noodles, but I would rather have homemade ones for that. For some reason, I don't mind the packaged noodles for beef and noodles, though.
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I have never heard of Schinken Flecherl It sounds good! can you give me the exact measurements????
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Fry up a pound of ground beef, drain really well, mix with cooked noodles along with a can of cream of celery and a cup of milk and some seasonings. Bake in oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Quick easy, fulfilling meal.
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Buttered noodles as side dish
Chicken corn noodle soup
Chicken Noodle casserole
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