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Ways to make money online without being scammed - help me add to my list!

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If you've got a computer, what ways do you use it to make money? (Don't use your referral links here, instead post them in our Networking Forum)

Swagbucks - Moms have had success with this, most of you are redeeming your Swagbucks for $5 Amazon Gift Cards

Shop at Home - I realize you're not really "earning" money when you have to spend to get it, but Shop at Home gives you cash back when you purchase through their links. Good if you're using for things you'd buy anyway.

Surveys - I think this is probably a tough route to go. However, I know some of you have done this with varying levels of success.
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Direct Sales - Most of these "party" opportunities are now moving online if not entirely, at least somewhat. I know of some people who are having "virtual" parties instead of in-home parties.

Writing Articles - Suite101 is one of them as is Associated Content. I believe both pay based on how many views your article gets.
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Blogging - It takes a lot of time and commitment to build a following, but if you like writing you can make money via advertising and affiliate marketing
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I used to work through LiveOps which is a telemarketing job (inbound, not outbound). You can make decent money with LiveOps or West Work-At-Home Jobs (I tried them but never could get used to their system). You have to have a certain set-up at home - like specific computer and ISP set-up and a landline phone. You also have to live in specific states because you're an independent contractor and some states have cracked down on that and said you're really an employee. There were two other work-at-home operator companies - one that does hire you as an employee - but I forget the names. The Kim Kommando website has a list of the legit ones.
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Cookie, I've heard of LIveOps but haven't used it myself. Are there certain qualifications users have to have to join? How much time does it take, and about how much money do you earn?

I've seen the Kim Kommando list posted here but it's from 2007. Does she have a more up-to-date list that you know of?
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I don't know if this is what you were looking for but I get gift cards through You can shop online through their site and earn points or just read their emails.
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Right, MyPoints is another one. Ebates is like Shop at Home too.
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Originally Posted by Kim View Post

Writing Articles - Suite101 is one of them as is Associated Content. I believe both pay based on how many views your article gets.

I signed up for Associated Content after someone on Mommysavers recommended it years ago. It's now owned by Yahoo! - Yahoo Contributor Network. I haven't had anything published in almost two years, but they paid between $2-5 per article for upfront payment for most of mine.

They also pay for page views. The base rate is $1.50/1000 page views. After you get a certain number of total views that rate goes up. I have nearly 400,000 page views and I get $1.75/1000. I make about $10-50/month.

Most of my income from this site is October-January, because I have a lot of holiday articles. These are easy to write, and a lot of people are searching for things like that. It's a nice bonus to get that extra chunk of money in December and January that I did absolutely nothing to earn.

If anyone has anymore specific questions or help with the site, you can send me a PM.
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With LiveOps - and I did it a few years ago - pays so many cents per minute of talk time. So, you schedule yourself to work for a specific period of time (say 10pm to midnight). You get on your computer (log-in and tell LiveOps you're there at work) and get ready to take phone calls (put on your headset, make sure all is quiet and no one will disturb you, etc). Then you wait. When a phone call comes in your phone will ring and your computer screen will pop-up with a script. You answer the phone with the verbiage on the script. Usually the caller is someone who was watching an infommercial on TV and called the 800#. They think they are calling a big telemarketing business. They aren't supposed to know they are calling someone in their home (so no kids screaming in the background, no dogs barking, no doorbell ringing, husband asking what's for dinner, etc). You try to sell them the product they saw on TV plus any up-sells and add-ons. Just follow the script and make it sound like you're not reading a script.

You get paid for the number of minutes you were on the phone. A call can last 10-20 minutes and you might get paid 15-cents a minute so you just made $3. If you're on the phone all the time, you average about $8/hr but you can also get bonuses for making certain up-sells. The more you sell, the more phone calls get directed to you - giving you the opportunity to sell more. Really good operators can work A LOT (working late night or very early morning and weekends is best) and pull down enough to live on - make their mortgage payments, etc. I didn't work a ton and regularly brought in $300 to $500 a week. It is wonderful when you're chosen for a special product because those usually pay more. I took Pizza Hut orders, worked non-stop, and did great.

How do you get the job? You have to apply which includes sending a photocopy of your state ID. You have to have the right equipment (which you buy anywhere you want then deduct from your taxes). You have about a month to get it all together and installed - including that separate phone line; NOT your home phone. You do a telephone interview - basically a voice test which proves you can read the script fluidly and speak English clearly. You might get an individual interview. You participate in a group telephone training. You have to pay for and pass a criminal background check (you'll be privy to a lot of credit card and personal information so they have to make sure you're okay.) If you're chosen, you work a month or a specific number of shifts as your probation period. They shouldn't ask you to pay for anything other than the background check. I thought about getting back on with LiveOps and the only position they offered me was one that required a special background check that was something like $375 so I said "no" (it was for a financial institution.) When I left they were going to start going into insurance calls so they were looking for people who had insurance experience and could become underwriters.

If I remember correctly, they paid weekly and it was automatic deposit. I NEVER had trouble getting paid.
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I just went to the LiveOps website. They say they pay 25-cents a minute (about $14-15 per hour) and pay is twice a month.
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