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9-10 year old boy's craft?

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I have signed up to do ds' classroom boy's lunch in December. What this entails I'm not sure! Frankly I signed up to do just about every other thing in his classroom EXCEPT the boys lunch and ds came to me and asked me to sign up for it. So I did

Anyway, I know this is way in advance but I need a craft for 9-10 year old boys in December. His school does not recognize any religion at all, so outside of doing something with snowflakes, I am not planning on doing anything Christmas related at all.

Ds doesn't even really DO crafts anymore, and the ones he and is age range can do are probably pretty advanced - YKWIM? So I don't want to come up with a 'lame' craft - like something that's going to take 5 minutes to do. Also obviously it can't be anything too 'girly'. So I'm stumped.

If anyone one knows of a craft that might be suitable (has to be completed during lunch time, 30 mins.) it would be greatly appreciated!!
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My only thought (and get ready--it's quite boring) is to make a door hanger--they can design it. It can say "Keep Out" or "Privacy, Please".
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Hmmm....I think boys that age usually aren't really all that interested in crafts. Plus 1/2 hour for them to settle down, eat, and do a craft? You won't have much time. How many boys are you talking about?

I'd maybe think about some sort of food craft? Something they could eat later or take home in a decorative little plastic bag to give as a gift to mom? Boys like to eat I know LOL. You could do an ornament maybe. One year for my GS troop I bought a box of those cheap bulb ornaments, then used different colored paint pens and let each child write their name on everyone's ornament, so they had an ornament to take home with all the girls in the troop names on it. Sort of a gift to remember the X grade of school. That might work if there's not too many boys although I'm not sure if they would consider that girly? The good thing is the paint pens dry fast. I'll see if I can think of anything else.
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Why not paper airplanes? Have some instructions or even printable foldable ones that are complex designs. Tons of printable designs are available online.

Another idea is making Goop or slime. I think there are some recipes out that that involve borax and a few other simple ingredients. It is gross and fun at the same time.

At Michaels they have some inexpensive wood puzzle models for dinosaurs and other animals. That would take awhile and be fun too.
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Boys always like the pinecone bird feeders. They are simple and messy. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Mary Jo View Post

Boys always like the pinecone bird feeders. They are simple and messy. Good luck.

Ohhhh....I love this idea.
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I thought you were reading my mind! I was asked to help with the Halloween party. They will have time for one game and one craft. Surveys says, two games please!!! The 4th graders don't even want to do a craft!
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Warning, most schools won't let you do peanut butter, so the bird feeder would have to come from something besides pb.
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I know you said you wanted to do fall, but I just saw a really cute idea about painting larger acorns orange and decorating them with faces to make jackolanterns. Would that work?

What about using the small terra-cotta pots (on clearance at Michaels AND Walmart!) and letting them plant something like a butter bean (grows easy and BIG) and then letting them decorate the outside of the pot, even painting it? I did this last year, and ALL kids enjoyed it. (R was fourth grade.)
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If you do the pinecone bird feeder you can use crisco instead of peanut butter.
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