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ALDI- Interesting Facts....

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Among the many, many things I learned on my trip to ALDI headquarters in Batavia IL there were some things I found REALLY interesting....

Did you know the the correct name and spelling of the store is ALDI (all caps and no s). For years I was putting an 's at the end of it. Whoops.

If you've been in an ALDI store you know it is pretty simple- no muss no fuss. But have you been in more than one? Did you notice it is laid out to look exactly like the others? This is no accident. The average ALDI store is 10,000 square feet. That's it. That's all they need. They have few (energy efficient) refrigerators and freezers. And almost no shelving. This keeps costs very low.

A newer ALDI store will also have "high ceilings" (almost a warehouse feel) and even newer stores will have tons of natural light thanks to a large row of windows over the first aisle and huge front windows.

Their "Special Buy" offers are carefully planned and sourced out according to what is selling right now or something that will be good for the upcoming season (IE; Halloween, Christmas, etc). They are NOT overstock purchases.

ALDI products are made and manufactured for the US right out of Batavia IL and put through not only 1, not 2, but THREE different taste quality assurance tests. Starting right in the ALDI on-site test kitchen

The products are based and developed on popular brands (ie; Cap N Crunch cereal) but made by Millville (the ALDI brand). 2 things ALDI does not manufacture, but does regularly stock the original of?

Pringles Potato Chips and Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue sauce. Why? They have never found anyone that is able to replicate these 2 products comparably. Pringles is an "original" chip and no-one has developed one that tastes and looks just like it, and Sweet Baby Ray's is the best BBQ (okay so that part is my own opinion...but they happen to agree ).

And last... the Cashiers (and stock). Have you ever wondered HOW they scan your product so fast?
Have you ever taken a good look at your ALDI products (you will now!) There are barcodes ALL over it!

(Special thanks again to Scott from ALDI corporate who did such a fantastic job of giving us this wealth of information (and for holding that bag of chips steady for me) )

The Cashiers themselves (aren't they awesome?!)- Not only do they get us through the checkouts in record time, did you know they are also responsible for stocking the store and cleaning it? All the ALDI store employees run the show- they do everything, and with an average staff of less than 10, they have to! It's another way ALDI keeps costs low- and can pay their staff up to 50% more than the typical grocery store (this is in the Chicago area specifically, but it is pretty darn close in all their stores as well!). Why else are the employees so happy? And sit down because to me this is almost unheard of.... Any employee that works more than 20 hours per week receives full-time benefits, including dental, vision, and retirement.
If I wasn't already such a huge fan of the store and Company, I certainly would be now!
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I mistakenly add an S to every store! My dds are always making fun of me!

I have wondered how those cashiers check us out so quickly. Just last week, I was behind someone with a cart filled (during my lunch). I was worried I would be there forever. Well, she was out of there within 3 minutes! It was amazing. They do an amazing job!

And I never noticed those huge hanging Special Buy banners. I'll have to look for them next time.
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I've always wondered about the cashiers too. They are incredible!!
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I love the bar code tidbit! I have been checking everything for the codes now

the unassuming front of an Iced Coffee:

And the coded backside:

Box of Crackers:
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Thanks for sharing that, it was very interesting. I too love the part about the extra bar codes, how genius is that!
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Thanks for sharing. I might give ALDI a second chance. I wish it was not in the downtown area!!
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Can't wait till we go Saturday!
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Hmmmm, our Aldi was looking for help not that long ago...... I have a job so I never thought to check into it. But benefits after 20 hours??? Hello!! Woohoo!
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I know...I think I am going by to see if they are hiring. AND they close at 8pm here!!!

VERY interesting. I want to go shop now!
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Originally Posted by blessed_with_6 View Post

I know...I think I am going by to see if they are hiring. AND they close at 8pm here!!!

VERY interesting. I want to go shop now!

It would really be worth checking into! From what I can see they are a great company to work for. All the people I met at corporate were fantastic and even at our local stores... I have never encountered anyone less than nice!
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