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so a few minutes ago i hear a honk in my driveway and i go to the door and there's this guy there, maybe 21? scruffy and smelly and trying to sell me meat!! he went on and on. I have a really hard time saying no to people, but he was creeping me out. SO I said it was usually just me, and I dont eat any meat and no thank you. then he left and went into my neighbors driveway. SO, does this ever happen to you? this was a first for me, and now I am creeped out and feel stupid for saying I am home alone alot...
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Gosh that's totally weird, I've never heard of that...makes you wonder where he was getting the 'meat' from!
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We had one of those come to our door about a year ago. DH answered, thankfully & told the guy no. DH works for the city, and they discussed the salesman at one of their meetings & were going to ban him from going door to door because they were worried about the safety (if it was safe to eat) of the meat.
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lol..they do that a lot in the south. They are really expensive and the meats are not all that great. I know people that buy monthly, but not me. YUCK. Not to mention you can't trust people anymore!
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Weird. Definitely one of those, "Crap, why did I tell him it was just me" moments, I'm sure Just remember to either NOT answer the door, or tell them that your DH is taking a nap or something...I don't know. Glad to hear he went away, and no, I've never heard of this up in our neck of the woods, either. I would wonder where this "meat" is from, too???
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I had this happen to me about 12 years ago when I first moved up here. This guy knocks on my door, goes by his truck, and tells me he sells meat. Me being a city girl said no thank you I don't eat meat. I do but wasn't telling him that. This guy got all weird on me and was yelling at me saying " what do you mean you don't eat meat?" I ran in the house called the police they came out and told me this guy was harmless they knew him. I never saw him again. Scared me really bad.
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We've had them here in MN too. He was wearing shorts and a tank top - just who I want to buy meat from! NOT! We told them we don't eat meat and he finally left. I think our city council was talking about banning them selling in our town.
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They have them here too and I posted about him a couple of weeks ago. the guy was creepy and why would I want to eat meat off a truck! I can believe these people make enough money to be botherd. Its poor quality meat as far as I could tell.

Dont be worried about telling him you were alone. He goes to like 500 houses a day and Im sure he wont remember you in an hour.
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Yes, we got them every once in awhile. There is NO WAY I would buy meat off a truck unless it was Schwans. We don't eat a lot of red meat anyways, but I don't think they believe me.
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Yep, one guy even walked into my gagrage and knocked on the kitchen door! I tell them I;m not interested and nicely ask them to not come back. I haven't seen one in awhile. I'm sure that will change when the weather gets nice.

Who buys the meat anyway? It's gross to buy meat off the back of some guy's truck! :hurl:
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