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What do you serve for Christmas dinner? - Page 2

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Thanksgiving: turkey

Christmas Eve: pizza

Christmas: ham

New Years Eve: steaks (actually this year New Years Eve is on a Saturday so we'll have pizza and steaks on New Year's Day)


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I host Christmas on Christmas Eve. We have a turkey, ham, and a chicken. Around 30 people, so I cook them all. Then, on Christmas Day, we have leftovers, b/c it is just the kids and I.

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We always have a spiral cut, double glazed ham (my dh's favorite). I also make crockpot lasagna, garlic toast, cheesy potato casserole, cheesy corn bites, desserts, buns, pickles, olives and sometimes a salad.

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I bought a ham last week.  To go with it, I am going the easy route....nothing fancy...nothing hard. 

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per dh's request I will make ham, scolloped potatos, and some veggies. (christmas eve)

His family will be making Turkey beacause SFIL doesn't allow pork in their house.

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On my husbands side, we always have either turkey or ham.  On my side, we always do something different.  This year it will be meatballs.  But we have done chicken, lasagna, uff-da tacos, or just snacky foods - cheese, crackers, goodies, etc. 

Now, I have never had to plan a meal for christmas, as we are always at someone elses place to eat.  But if I did have to plan something - I would probably do a pizza.  Easy to make, easy to clean up!

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Lasagna this year! I'm not in the mood for the traditional ham and all the sides. I'm keeping it simple with Lasagna, meatballs and sausage. A salad and french bread on the side.
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We have a traditional dinner on Christmas Eve with my parents: roast or ham, swedish meatballs, potato sausage, scalloped potatoes, peas and onions, rice pudding, apple cake, rolls and glogg.


We stay home on Christmas Day and are tired of heavy, saucy food, so we're trying to come up with a new simple tradition for our family. This year we are trying a taco bar: crunchy tacos with refried beans, spanish rice and all the yummy toppings we can think of. 

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We do ham for Christmas. 

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