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Has your employer ever screwed up with your paycheck?

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Has your employer ever screwed up with your paycheck?


If so how long did it take for them to cut you a check for the corrected amount?

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I once worked for a company that discovered they'd been withholding the wrong tax amounts from employee's checks for 10 months! I'm pretty sure the company ended up eating the $$ in the end.  


Having worked in Payroll (luckily not in the above situation) I can tell you that I could cut you a check immediately if there was a genuine error and you made a fuss.  And if I was so inclined.  Otherwise, it'd be corrected on the next payday.

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I've had times when the company made mistakes especially when it came to commission.  It would depend on the situation and how much was missing if they would cut a check right away and if they would just handle it on the next paycheck. 

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Dh's first pension check was all screwed up. They doubled the amount of SBP they were supposed to take out and then didn't take out any taxes! It was all taken care of with his next check.

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There was a story here about a week ago where the Nordstrom employees got checks for $0.00.  Something about the new tax laws, and the computers not understanding them (go figure!)  and employees walked away with litterally nothing.   The company ended up offering loans for the employees to get them through the holiday, but thats the last I heard.

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Hubby's employer before this one was notorious for messing up his checks - and they are a HUGE multi-national company. You'd think they would have worked out the kinks, ya know.


One year he signed up for 401k and they never once deducted the money. He lost an entire year of investing. Then one year they deducted the premiums for his health insurance but never actually put him on the policy. Since he wasn't covered the insurance company declined all our claims for the first part of the year - and his company never refunded the premiums. It was a complete mess. Then they also withheld state taxes for the wrong state (Massachusetts which is where their corporate headquarters is located, instead of our home state of Idaho which is where hubby's "work base" was located) for about half a year. Well let me tell you, MA does NOT refund any taxes even if they were withheld incorrectly. We even ended up having to send them an extra $78 even though we never lived there and never worked in that state; plus we had to pay Idaho state taxes, too. It was horrible. Then in the end they decided it would save them money if they changed him from being a salaried employee to an hourly one. Well, hubby travelled for his job which meant when he was working, he worked A LOT. Overtime accumulated very quickly and they finally started to limit how many hours he could claim. Needless to say, he never really got paid for all he worked. A few days before he got laid off he knew something was up because the system wouldn't let him enter any of his overtime hours. He got screwed over on those, too.


One other employer he had messed up one of his checks badly. He had been traveling, came home from a trip and took a "comp day" right before a holiday. The company policy was that if you called in sick the day before a holiday then you didn't get paid for the holiday. The accountant docked his paycheck for both the comp day and the holiday. At the company's Christmas party I happened to mention this to the wife of one of the owners. I was nice about it and made it sound like a funny story but the message was clear. Well let me tell you, not only did the company fix his pay, the accountant got a serious talking to.


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Once at my part time job, I forgot to fill out my time sheet, so I did it later and my boss somehow forgot to put it in. This happened in November and it did not get taken care of until after the new year, which benefited me because they just added the hours to another time sheet and they had given me a cost of living raise Jan 1st.

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We had to wait for four months for DH Salary to be sorted out as they first forgot to give DH the money he gets for being on standby. Then the next month it was the same thing, plus his overtime.


The worst part of all was it was all paid in on the same salary - so tax hit us hard that month. I will see what it does to his final tax claim when I process it next year.

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It's happened to me once, and it took 7 weeks for the Post Office to cut me a new check (plus a call to special rep,who helped me sort it out).


DH has had 2 paychecks bounce at his old employers. We didn't know about them bouncing until days afterward and after we had already written out checks to pay our bills.What a nightmare that turned out to be!

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I didn't read any other posts.  But being a former employee that has done payroll, let me emphasize what a awful, stressful, and not easy job this is.  I worked for a municipality and the police and fire overtime pay was enough to make you have a nervous breakdown.  One keystroke off, one space in the wrong place, one supervisor that did not give their employee their raise on the exact date it was due and within MINUTES you had people running up to your office.


I remember sitting at my desk, having learned that I made a mistake on someone's paycheck.  I was literally shaking while my boss was muttering to himself, "to every problem there is a solution.  to every problem there is a solution".  He never yelled at me, he was the soul of responsibility.  I was HIS employee, it was HIS mistake (in his mind, not mine).  He covered for me 110% and fixed the problem.  Usually when a problem occurred through our fault or not, it was *immediately* corrected and they were issued a new paycheck ASAP, usually within an hour or two.


It was the worst, most tension filled job I've ever held, and I never intend to hold it again.  Mistakes can and do happen, as they do in any job, but while in a lot of jobs the problem can be quickly and easily smoothed over, this is not one of them.  Once someones paycheck is off, it affects Everything.  Their taxes are off.  Their retirement is off.  Their vacation is off, etc. etc.  Sometimes we were cleaning up messes over a year later, from one wrong keystroke.  So while it is off putting to have your paycheck wrong, no doubt, don't forget that whoever is responsible wants that mistake cleared up even faster than you do, seriously!

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