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I LOVE ALDI.....This year I decided except for milk, I will only shop ALDI or buy food on SALE or with a coupon...I WILL NOT pay full retail price for anything consumable this year!

Our ALDI just opened last summer, and it has been a GODSEND.  Love that place.  My regular and favorite store is much futher away

and ALDI is litterally down the street from me now.   I've been too busy to coupon clip and organize myself  to do some 'real' shopping, so having ALDI has helped me a ton.  I can spend between $50-60 a week for my family of 5.  However keep in mind I had a pretty good stockpile from my regular coupon shops so I don't always need tons.

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My goal is $50 per week, I kept track last year and I averaged $67 per week. I really want to get that down. This is for 3 adults.

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I was we had lower prices!  We live in the middle of Oil Boom country North Dakota and prices are crazy.  I shop at Walmart (its the cheapest) and still pay $4.18 a gallon for 1% Great Value milk and $2.94 for a 18 pack of eggs. I bought the bare bones groceries last night and spent $96.02 for the week, including a gallon of bleach and bag of cat food.

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 varies,depending on the stockpile.  50-140 a week for everything.

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Most supermarkets offer their own private-label brands, which cost around 25 percent less than comparable big-name brands. We found that savings can be more than 50 percent. And private brands are no longer limited to canned fruit, frozen veggies, and paper towels. Stores are now putting their own names on cold cuts, baked goods, and fancy sauces. In our latest tests, most store-brand products scored as well as or better than their national counterparts.

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I spend $175 a week for our family of 11.  I also help out my gram and another needy family.  So around $50 for 4 people.  most meals are from scratch.  We also do not have a store that double coupons. Personally I would not compare though to others but rather try to beat where you are at.  If you spend $200 a week try next week to spend $175. 

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I admire all of you so much! We have 5 in our family, but our son is an hour away at college. We can't help him with much school wise, but we do buy his groceries (he rents a room from a guy with a house off campus).  I started the Dave Ramsay envelope trick last week with a $200 budget (for household goods, toiletries & food) and failed miserably!! I was over by $60 :(   

I did only allow myself $$150 this week to make up for at and I haven't spent much yet (4 days left!). I am determined to make this work!  I guess I need to spend more time on these boards! drool.gif


We do live in a very expensive area for groceries (only a Walmart-more expensive than most) & 2 grocery stores) with no Aldi's.  I also am very health conscious and on a weight loss plan so I buy a lot of fresh foods.  I price match at Walmart and clip coupons but most coupons aren't for the things I buy & I find I'm spending more to switch brands. 

Ugh. Wish me luck...seems I should be able do much better than $200/week!! 

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I also spend about $200 a week for our family of 4 - it is about $1000 a month including household stuff. I am also very health conscious and we eat a lot of fresh and organic food. We live in an expensive city and I don't enjoy cooking. Terrible formula for a food budget. My goal is to try to get it down to $150 a week. I'm really making an effort to plan ahead. I do pack lunches for both of my children every day and my dh works from home so we eat lunch at home every day as well, so that ends up to be a lot of meals every week coming out of this kitchen.

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About $350 a month for 3...not counting take out or restaurant.  I do coupons when I have them, but I do not buy the paper for coupons as I the paper cost more than the coupons save me.  I admit to not eating as well here as we did in Ohio simply because of cost and the fact I had an Aldi there and none here.  Don't get me wrong, we don't eat a lot of junk and I cook almost every night.  But I don't buy as many fresh fruits here, or instead of us all having an orange for dessert, we'll split a large one.  Fresh fruits and veggies here are at least double what I was paying previously and our income, while it has gone us, so have our other expenses here.  So I consider $88 a week really good for here... but much more than my usual $40-$45 at Aldi frown.gif

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I think where you live has a bigger impact on how much you spend than I thought it did.  I live in CA, and cannot come close to what most of you pay for monthly groceries. Things are pricey here, I guess, but I've never lived anywhere else.  And, since I'm in a small town, there are no discount grocers - just Safeway and Nob Hill.  I shop by the ads, buy in bulk from Costco, and cook at home a lot, but still.  You might all be amazed at the prices here! lol

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