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Date on a Dime!

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Let's come up with some ideas that you and DH can do together as a couple that could be considered a Date, without a big price tag.


*Movies during Matinee Hours

*Quiet Dinner at home with No Kids



Help me out here Ladies, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we all could use some "MONEY SAVING", date ideas for this special couples holiday.

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We usually do dinner with a coupon or the matinee movies- especially when we can get a day off and DS is still in school.

I did however score a  date for $25 for the 2 of us...I was able to catch a Living Social deal for 2 hours of snow tubing at a local ski resort.  It was typically $25 a person...not something we would typically go for b/c of price. The deal was 2 for the price of 1.  Now we get to do something active for a date!

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We like to go for a hike on a local hiking trail if the weather is decent. Follow that up w/ a nice coffee or latte at a coffeehouse, maybe sharing a muffin, and we're good.

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