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Nope. For the most part we are barefoot. In winter we will have socks on and sometimes slippers. All shoes end up either in the entrance doorway or in the lounge.


For the most part - I have to get my family to put their shoes away every day. My mom - she has two small shelves just inside of their hosue where you can actually put your shoes ( she also lives in the middle east ).

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I do not like wearing shoes in the house.  That is one rule we have, take your shoes off at the door, although DS doesn't always listen.  lol


Amazingly, my carpet is still soooo dirty, even with us not wearing shoes.  I got a pair of slipper boots for Christmas this year and I wear those around now... I absolutely love them!  I usually am bearfooted in the summer time.

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Yes. Planar fascitis.

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ditto. Plantar fasciitus.

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Yes we wear shoes in the house if we want to however, most of the time everyone is barefoot or in sock feet.

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some days yes and some days no

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It's allowed, but I am usually in slippers and the kids are usually barefooted.  I try to get the kids to wear slippers, but DS just takes them off and (sigh) DD HAS to do everything DS does.


DH is about 50/50.

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I wear slippers around the house for the most part, sometimes when I come home from work I will leave my shoes on instead of changing to the slippers.

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