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Self inflicted torture

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Trying to kick my computer addiction! I am just drawn to this corner of the house and my bootie is starting to resemble the big comfy chair I sit in. So.......I moved the big comfy chair out and pulled my exercise bike up to the computer. Now I can still read while peddling, but don't really want to sit on this thing long enough to stay afterward because it's uncomfortable.
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I know what ypu mean. Go girl!
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Good for you, I can imagine trying to type on a bike but good for you!
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At least you are getting your exercise in! I finally bought a wireless card for my laptop so I could move around to where everyone in my family is. My problem now is not taking it in the bedroom when its time for bed.
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I would find it hard to type and ride a bike machine at one go
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No no You can't type while peddling, just read.
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ROFL Good for you! That's great! Maybe I need to try that one...
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I think thats a great idea. I know i should think about it.
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good for you! I can not think of an option like that for me. BUT I do have my timer next to me and set it so that I am only sitting here for 15 minutes, then have to go and get something done. My kitchen has recovered from the weekend, thanks to my timer....
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LOL - That's a great idea!
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