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What companies/brands send out coupons to their consumers?

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Does anyone know what companies/brands personally send out coupons to their consumers? I have sent out numerous e-mails to numerous companies and I am still waiting for a reply from most. I will update this post as I hear back from them! I saw another post where a lady said she had gotten coupons from Jif and Sara Lee, (we shall see!) rolleyes.gif

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Ok- I checked my e-mail and most have just sent an email saying they had gotten my e-mail.....

However, I did recieve something from Country Bobs, (steak sauce) asking me for my name and address. Does that mean coupons are on their way!?! Oh, and 7Up says that I should just watch the newspapers and fliers, etc. for their coupons so, no luck there! Airwick also gave me instructions on how to print from their website, (I have never been able to print from their site on Google but I finally had luck on IE.) Go directly to their site if ya want extra coupons from them!


I'll keep ya posted as more responses come in! smile.gif

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McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. (A Johnson & Johnson Company) makers of Splenda and Lactaid products said they would be very happy to send me coupons or product samples that are currently available to their consumers. If you contact them by e-mail, then you can expect delivery in about 2 weeks. 

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I have received an answer from KAO Brands (Jergens Soap Co.) makers of Ban, Biore, Curel, GUHL, Jergens and John Frieda. Below is the response: 


"We appreciate your interest in our Curel products of Kao Brands."

"Although we do not offer cents off coupons by mail, we will be posting coupons in local Sunday newspaper inserts or magazines throughout the year. Not all publications will choose to carry the coupon inserts. Certain areas may be excluded due to market conditions for the featured products."

"We also suggest that you check your local store circulars for sales on our products."

"We regret to inform you that our company is unable to fulfill the large number of requests we receive for product samples."

"Please visit any of our web sites and add your e mail address to our opt in database. We send periodic e mails to this list detailing ways to request samples and/or coupons during limited special promotions, enter sweepstakes and/or learn of our new products."

"Thank you for the opportunity to be of service."

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UPDATE: AIRWICK Fragrant Homes Club Email w/Coupon Link


I have not heard back from AirWick, however I did sign up for their, "Fragrant Homes Club" on their website and received an e-mail with a link to a new coupon. The e-mail is quoted below:


"Hi Anecia, 

As part of our community of home-fragrance lovers, you'll always be first to hear about fresh new scents, exclusive coupons, upcoming contests and much, much more. 

Get started by brightening up your home with this coupon for $1.50 off the purchase of any two Air Wick® products, excluding aerosols, stick ups and solids. 

Here's to a fabulous, fragrance filled home! 

Air Wick®"

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Here is a sticky thread with a list of companies and contact info so that you can request samples, coupons, leave feedback, etc.


It is a great list. I keep a spreadsheet on my computer with who I've contacted, what (if anything) I received. If you've got some time to kill, or find yourself playing on the computer it is a nice way to take a couple minutes and send out a couple requests.

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Sara Lee contacted me today and they are also sending out a coupon to me via mail! They gave me some good ideas and product websites to visit to find more coupons for their products too! Their response is quoted below:



"Hi Anecia:

It’s Mandra with Sara Lee Sweet Goods. I want to thank you for taking the time to contact Sara Lee Sweet Goods. We are delighted that you enjoy our products. We value our consumers!

We make coupons available in many places on a regular basis. Please look for our coupons:

     •     Look for coupons in your Sunday paper
     •     Look for coupons on our product packages
     •     Look in store for coupons or special promotional pricing
     •     If you have access to the internet:

          •     Visit our websites


          •     Like us on FACEBOOK


Please enjoy using the coupon being sent to you via the mail on your favorite Sara Lee Sweet Goods product.

Thank you again for being our loyal consumer!"






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UPDATE: General Mills Brand does does not send out coupons via mail. Their response is quoted below:


"Dear Mrs. Price:



Thank you for contacting General Mills regarding General Mills productsWe appreciate the time you have taken to share your positive feedback with us and will be very happy to pass on your comments to the product team.


We continue to be committed to providing the best possible products at the lowest possible prices – and we will continue to provide targeted consumer coupons and promotions from time to time. Such offers normally appear either on our product packages, in magazines and newspapers, on tear pads in grocery stores, or on our web sites. But it is not our policy to simply provide coupons in response to an e-mail, letter or phone call upon request.


We do appreciate your loyalty and hope you will continue to choose our products and promotions."





Harry Kendall

Consumer Services

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Thanks Karen! I actually used that thread as a "jumping off point" when I started sending out e-mails. I've been keeping a list too, and saving all my e-mails. I thought if I updated this thread regularly, maybe others wouldn't waist their time contacting companies that don't send them out. It'll also serve us in the future as we can go back and see when we sent/received e-mails. How long do you usually wait before companies again? Once or twice a year? Quarterly? Or do they keep you on a mailing list, (that would be nice!)


Thanks again- Anecia P.

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UPDATE: Blue Bunny 2x Yearly Coupons by mail-


What fast service! Blue Bunny has sent me 6, $.55 cent coupons off any one Blue Bunny ice cream or novelty carton! They also informed me that I can contact them again in 6 months for additional coupons/offers. 

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