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How do you limit food waste in your kitchen?

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What steps do you take in limiting food waste?

Keeping my fridge cleaned out is my number one method. If I can't see it, I can't use it.
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It might sound stupid to other people, but the way my husband and I live, we end up buying some of the stuff we need for dinner that same day and then we try to use the rest of it before it goes bad. We keep staples in our apartment constantly and freeze meat as soon as we get home and portion it out - that's what's been working for us, but as we grow and mature, I'm sure it'll change.

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I've been trying to cook smaller portions so we don't have too many leftovers (we don't do leftovers well.)   Also, much of our food/cooking waste (veggies, fruits, grains) goes out to our chickens or other animals (goats LOVE celery! wink.gif )

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I cook small portions we only have leftovers when I make baked pasta or we have pizza
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dh is good about taking leftovers for his lunch the next day. 

Freeze whatever you can for later. 

Inventory my food before making a grocery list/menu.

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We just eat whatever we cook.  I think leftovers are great!  For example, we had tacos the other night.  As I was cleaning up, I made custom tacos for me, dh, ds#6 and ds#7 for our lunches the next day.  Today I made nachos using the rest of the leftover meat nd beans.  Yum!  I rarely throw food away.  Train your family to eat what you have.

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I just read a great tip on Mom 24/7:


Add a "Eat Me Now" basket to your refrigerator so leftovers and items about to expire don't get lost.


This is such a terrific idea, I'm going to not only use it in my frig, I'm going to add a "use me now" basket to my food pantry, too.


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We don't have a lot of leftovers, usually just a small serving each night (enough for maybe one person).  Once a week we have leftover night, I might even have to add veggies or a meat to make it a full meal for everyone.

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If there is enough to make another whole meal then I will freeze what is left for another night. Mostly we just eat leftovers for lunches. Once in a blue moon we will have a ton left and not be able to eat them all for lunches before they will go bad so I declare a fend for yourself night and we eat them for dinner too. Only happens a few times a year. DH takes leftovers for lunch at work. I am a SAHM w/ both kids and my father here. DS is a teen boy but DD is only 2. We need lunch foods. Eating leftovers or repurposing them for lunch saves my grocery bill.

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I take leftovers for lunch and when the hubby is working he needs something quick to grab since he is on duty--it helps if there is something quick to heat up in the fridge.  If we get sick of eating a leftover I re-purpose it or freeze it. When I make my menu I check the fridge and freezer first to see what needs to be used up.  I am a little OCD about the fridge--I organize it/clean it out everyday so I know what is in there and what needs to be used. 

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