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Virus from Swagbucks?

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I know many of you all use Swagbucks.  I love them...hooray for free diapers with those Amazon gift cards!  But I was wondering--has anyone had issues with getting viruses from using the SB toolbar?  I used it all the time because it was super handy.  But my old computer kept getting viruses.  Yesterday my computer finally wouldn't even turn on in regular mode (DH had to boot it up in safe mode) without giving me the Blue Screen Of Death.  Now my computer was 9 or 10 years old anyway, so it was definitely time that we upgraded, and we needed a new computer ASAP since we couldn't access our business accounting software like we needed to--eek!  Thankfully we had the cash set aside so DH was able to run to Walmart and spend $300 on a new tower.  It is SO MUCH FASTER...I can actually load Mommysavers, woohoo!! 


Anyway, am I the only one who has had that issue?

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It always seemed to make my computer run SUPER slow

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Yes.  My computer crashed, but we were able to strip everything off of it and start from scratch and rebuild it.  I still use swagbucks at work--but not the toolbar.  At home, I won't use it at all.

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I have heard about this problem from many people. I refuse to download the toolbar for this reason. I do the searches through the site though. 

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I've had the toolbar for almost 2 years now and have never thought I've gotten a virus from it. I've never heard anyone else say anything about getting one either till now and I go to their facebook page even. Weird. I love my toolbar. I did just have a virus this wk on my laptop but it doesn't have the toolbar....only my desktop does which didn't get one. I think you can get a virus from anywhere and it's usually impossible to know where you got it. I know many people who've said they got them from MS here although we've been told it didn't come from here. So who knows?
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My husband is an IT professional and asked me not to use it.  He said I would get a virus from it.

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I uninstalled it not 2 or 3 days after installing it. My computer was running SO SLOW from it and it was the only thing I had recently installed. Took it off, did a full sweep and have not (knock on wood) had any issues since.

I only do the polls, NOSO's and searches through them now.
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Thats why I have not used it my girlfriends computer was trashed after she installed the toolbar and was using it. Dh is tech and computer savy and he said I better not put that on any of our computers it's not secure. So I simply have not joined.

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My computer COMPLETELY shut down and took over a week for my computer guy to fix having to take everything off and put if back on again one at a time, and having to buy Windows 8 to even get in. Said I had and "Invalid Partition Table."  When I finally got it back, he said there were many Trojans and viruses that were a direct result of the SWAGBUCKS bar.  I'm really bummed I got some great gift cards from them, but now I'm afraid to use them!

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