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With our daughter, I bought most of her clothing (about 95%)  through craigslist and at event called "baby mania".  "Baby Mania" is basically a huge event of about 100+ garage sales in one parking lot.  I have also used resale shops as well.  Also, we bought gender neutral large baby items.   This way, if our next child is a boy, we don't have to buy a new high chair, stroller, etc.  We also made our own baby food! :)

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Don't be afraid to try store brand diapers.  You can easily save $3-5 per pack! Even if you don't end up liking them, you at least saved a couple dollars on the pack you tried.


The same goes for baby wipes and baby food.  If you don't make your own baby food, the Beech-Nut brand is quite a bit cheaper than Gerber, and still offers coupons.

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Roll with it!  Whatever comes up with your child, live in THAT moment.  Time really does fly and you want to soak up every single minute.  Keep track of milestones on your calendar.  Everyone starts out with great intentions with baby books, but that gets harder the more kids you have ando/or when life gets busy.  Your calendar is always available!  You can also document your child's life with a digital camera.  It will cost you nothing but time after your initial investment in the camera!

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My biggest tip for new parents is to not impulse buy on all of the little stuff.  Put your money where safety is concerned.  Car seats are a big ticket item, but spending money on those, when your child is going to be in them for up to 9 years depending on the state you live in, makes buying the best worth it.  A crib is a second big ticket item, but again, your child will be in it for several years.  Spending money on bassinets, carriages, cradles, etc is just not worth it when your child will only use them for a few months at best.  If you feel you need those items, most definitely check out borrowing them from friends and family or buying them second hand. Just make sure they pass safety inspections first.

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Buying diapers does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  Store brand diapers are usually cheaper, and so much of the time, they actually are better.  Don't go buy a ton at first without trying them with your child, though.  Buy a couple of different brands, using coupons for name brands, and see which ones work best for your child.  THEN go with the one that works the best for the least cost.  So many parents are scared of the big diaper cost, but it actually doesn't have to cost that much!

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How do you make so much with swagbucks? I use it as my search engine but only get about $5 a month.
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I was shocked at how much my first daughter grew her first year.  By her first birthday, she was already in 18 month clothing.  I spent a lot of money her first year, just trying to keep up with her growth!  My second daughter came along and she was the complete opposite! She is almost 2 and is barely in 18 month clothing.  You just never know how they are going to grow. Plus, people like to buy cute baby clothes.  Trust me when I say there is a good chance that you will have more "fancy" outfits than you will ever need!


So, when shopping ahead for baby clothes: Stick with the basics

-Avoid a lot of newborn stuff.  Some babies grow into 3 month clothing the first month.  When they are first born, all you really need are onesies and footie sleepers anyways.  Buy a few of those to get your started.

-socks, bibs, onesies, and even some of those footie sleepers are good year-round.  So if you find a great clearance deal, buy some of those in 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month sizes.

-Avoid baby shoes.  I had one child with skinny feet and one with chubby feet.  The shoes they wore when they were small are totally different.  You really don't need shoes until they are crawling and even walking.  Soft shoes are really good to start out with (Robeez, Skidders, etc.).


Don't stress like I did!  You will find what you need when you need it.  You will also find that you may not need as much of one item as you thought you would.  Plan ahead, but don't go crazy on the shopping or you will find that you spent more than you needed.  Buy the basics and just go from there.


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My biggest tip would be on clothes. I bought alot of things at garage sales (including toys and baby furniture) Sometimes we think our babies need all this expensive stuff and clothes when really they don't need all that much, I've been there done that and learned my lesson. Also if you have say two boys or two girls save all their stuff and hand it down to the little one, that save TONS of money!

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Diapers were our biggest ongoing expense. Some things we learned through experience:


You probably don't need brand name diapers. We only bought Huggies for our oldest. I have no idea why. We started buying the target brand when our second was born, and never noticed a difference. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Same for wipes.


Use coupons! Especially if you insist on name brand diapers. Go to the Huggies and pampers websites and register. They will send you coupons every month! Again, we didn't know this for our oldest--we bought Huggies week after week without using any coupons. We could have saved a lot, but like many parents we didn't really have to watch our budget until our kids were born. so we didn't know any better. Learn now because you children will continue to cost you more money as they get older!


Finally, consider cloth diapers. I wanted to try them with my first but I let my husband talk me out of it. I tried it on my second and loved it. It is a huge expense up front, but we broke even around 5-6 months. When you consider how long your kids may be in diapers, it could be a substantial savings. Both of ours were in diapers for almost three years. Our daughter was cloth ddiapered and wore them for as long as our son, so I don't think cloth diapered babies (nor girls) potty train faster. Each child is different. With my first I was that type-A mom who thought my son would potty train before two. It didn't happen. Remember that they each come with their own personality.


And one last tip--consider consignment stores. They can be very hit and miss, but I have found great deals there. Even if you don't purchase clothes there, consider selling your clothes. You'd be surprised how much you can make. When  theyre little they need a new wardrobe just about every season. So accept gifts from well-meaning family members, even if it's not something you would have picked out yourself. I've been blessed to never have to worry about my children having clothes that fit, and I've never had to spend a lot clothing them. Thanks to a combination of end of season clearance sales, consignment stores, and gifts, I clothe my children for little to nothing. I use the money I save to splurge on a few nice outfits from boutique stores.

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I second your advice to avoid baby shoes! I had a few that people gave me for both of my children, but they never wore them! Not only are they unnecessary, they never look as cute on as they do off. Even when you go to take pictures, most photographers will tell you to remove the shoes.

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