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What type of Themed Parties have...

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you hosted!  



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We did a Circle theme for M's 2nd birthday (she wanted an Os party - as in Cheerios) and a Jungle theme for her 3rd birthday.  This year we're doing dinosaurs.

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For DD 3 was Mickey Mouse

4 was My little Pony

5. was a princess Tea party

6. is looking to be cow girl. (especially if I can arrange it to have real pony rides in my front yard


DS just turned 1


Cookie Monster!

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Halloween/Birthday (I wanted a costume party for my 29th smile.gif and Halloween and my birthday are close enough to combine them)
Super bowl Party
Oscar Party

Mad Science
Race car
Disney Princess
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We just did my daughter's 7th birthday as a Hawaiian Luau and it was a blast.  I'm already thinking up ideas for her next one, lol.  I think we might do a Harry Potter Halloween party this year, and not really do a birthday party next year since her birthday is right after Christmas, and a lot of people just weren't up for another party so soon after the holidays.

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I went to a 1920's party recently, we dressed up, had cocktails and nibbles, (Adult party) and played games. So much fun, at so little cost! 

As the 20's was a frugal time, it went down very well. Everyone was asked to bring a bottle, the hostess provided the food and games.


Other theme parties -

Cooking theme, children were given play doh (homemade of course) to practice with, while they were washing their hands, the real cookie dough came out, make the cookies with the child's initials, go play games while they bake, and they get to keep their apron (instead of a party bag) and take the cookie home, all decorated. 



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The only one I can think of is a tea party for dd1 two years ago for her birthday.

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DD has had:

Rubber ducky


Bob the Builder


Strawberry Shortcake

Fear Factor




Christmas in July



The fun ones started with Fear Factor.  The others were basically just decorations and family.

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