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Uses for old clothes and rags?

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If they're too stained to donate or re-sell, do you have other uses for them?  I'm looking for ideas!

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Dh uses them for almost everything:  washing the car, waxing the car, wiping up paint splatters, wiping up floods in the basement, to name a few.

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Stained clothing if they fit anyone we will use them for when they are painting or we know they will get dirty

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We use them for dust rags and leave some hanging on the wash tub for quick clean up.

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Old towels are for wiping up messes and for wiping the dog's paws after her daily walk.



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I also use old sheets for a floor rug when in winter since the rugs get nasty from salt and wet and the floor under gets icky too so I started using towels and old sheetscan be tossed in the wash easier

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 Rugs go to the outside door to catch the mud, if they are to bad they go to the dogs pens for bedding.  


Old Clothes.  I cut the good parts out if there is a big enough area and the material is the type I sew with and put in my sewing stash.  Buttons, zippers and pockets get cut off for future use also.  


Really bad clothes get used as rags for mulitple uses.  

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I have what we call "Grubby Towels" in the laundry room for any gross messes in the house, and another stack in the garage for washing cars or covering the van's upholstery if a dirty dog is hitching a ride. My kids use them to cover the floor when they're giving themselves pedicures in front of the tv, and to cover the dining room table when doing crafts.

I use them for cleaning, instead of paper towels. Others, I donate to the animal shelter. They always seem to need them. I think our vet's office will take them, too.
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Anything white or light colored that isn't too badly stained can be tie dyed and salvaged.  You have to use good quality dye though to really absorb into the material and be dark enough to cover stains.


I just used an old t-shirt with a hole in it to make a ruffled, reverse appliqued dress for my niece.  I just cut the t-shirt into strips and ruffled them.  Next I attached them to a 5 that I had cut out of muslin and then reverse appliqued that to a dress I'd picked up at Walmart for $2.  Now we have a great dress to give her for her 5th birthday!

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