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Getting hair /nails done at a Beauty school?

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Have you ever gotten your hair or nails done at a Beauty school? Would you recommend it?

We have an Aveda school nearby and the students do all the work (supervised), and the prices are REALLY good, so I was seriously considering it. I am having a hard time finding someone down here to cut thick hair anyway (the girl I used moved frown.gif and I haven't been able to find someone else that I really like).

Would you give it a try?
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When my girlfriend was in "beauty" school way back when (25 years ago?), I went and had her cut my hair at the school.  I'm not sure if this is normal, but the appointment seemed like 2 hours long.  Really, but I loved it because I went at night just to hang out with her.  Her supervisor would keep coming back to check on her and to help.  I went from shoulder length hair to a short pixie and I loved it.  I think that may be why it took so long.  So a question I might ask is how long the appointments typically take.


Dh and DD both recently went to a local school.  They didn't like the experience because it was noisy and wide open--no privacy.  Their appointments didn't take as long as mine did.


Personally, I don't think I would go for my hair, but I would for a manicure or pedicure.

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My niece went to Aveda school & then became an instructor there for years. I had a pedicure, facial and haircut very cheap there, but my own niece did it all as a student. I have gone to another local Aveda for pedicures, and it's a great deal. The pedis are cheap and very, very nice/relaxing. I don't care for manicures.


Hair cuts - my DH has gotten his cut at the Aveda school - sometimes it's great, sometimes a bit too short. But the instructors do come around frequently, and the students don't start on working on people on day 1 or anything - they do have some instruction and training before they set them loose on folks. I think it's a good deal.

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I'd go to an Aveda school in a heart-beat. The problem I have with most beauty schools is you won't usually get the same person twice. However, if you get someone you really, really like you can follow them to their permanent job.


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We have a Paul Mitchell Beauty School here.  I almost always go there.  Just make sure you have HOURS for a haircut!  LOL  I actually enjoy it, though.  Once I learned to make the time adjustment, that is ME time.  :)  I've never had a bad experience because they have teachers walk around helping at all times.  And for $12, I get a wash, cut, and style!  Plus, I can highlights for $20-40 depending on how many I want in.

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I've gone to redken school.  Always had a good experience.  Stopped going b/c it was so far, funny thing is the girl I've been going to for 4 years came from that school!

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There's an Aveda school here and before I started cutting my own hair, I used to go there to get it cut. 

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I go to a beauty school for all my trims, and once a year I splurge and get a good cut somewhere else. It does take a little extra time, but I pay $5 for a trim! Not bad!

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I have gone the the Beauty School for haircuts/color and also for facials.  Their price on facials are great!  Around here a 1 hour facial usually is about $90 or more, but there it is $13!  It is so relaxing.  For hair cuts and color it does take a little longer than a regular salon because their supervisor does have to come and check on them, and sometimes they will get to a step and you have to wait for the supervisor to check it before they can move on.  I don't know that I would go there personally for just a hair cut, because I can go to Fantastic Sams for a good price.  But for a cut and color I think it's worth it.

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How much do you tip at the schools? I usually tip $5 which makes my haircut still $12

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