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Winter Photography Challenge - Your Street

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Kellynkay - I hope it's OK if I go ahead and post!  This week's photography challenge is YOUR STREET.  It should be fun to see what y'all come up with! 


ETA:  Here is our list of past/upcoming assignments.  Click on the links below to see the great photos our members have submitted!




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Thanks Kim!  Totally OK...My mom came up (from Iowa) and surprised me ~ so we spent the day out shopping biggrin.gif


Show us your street - anything you'd like.  From the curb, the porch, the corner, the car ~ don't be afraid to GET CREATIVE!



Here are a few photos to start us off.....



My street last Friday ~




My side street last summer...


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Our street just isn't pretty in the winter.  Here it is from our front lawn.



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Here is one I took late summer we have a railroad track and via duct just down from us so this was taken from the street right out front.




DSC_2719.JPG This was 3 years ago in the winter  I don't have any recent ones since honestly it is just plain dirty brown looking out there nothing but mud lol... If it's sunny in the next couple days or snowy I will put on another one.

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spring 2005 057.jpg


This photo is looking across the street. It was taken to show the water problem we have to the township - they grade the road so often, it has raised the level of the road higher than the driveway, so we get a giant pond when it rains. The photo below is taken from out front, looking to the right. Garbage day, obviously. This was to show our neighbor's driveway to the township. Not super pretty pics, but it's all I had.


spring 2005 058.jpg


Now, this is at the end of the street:


Art 089.jpg

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You all have such beautiful streets.  Mine is icky.  :(  I haven't even attempted a picture yet.

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Originally Posted by blessed_with_6 View Post

You all have such beautiful streets.  Mine is icky.  :(  I haven't even attempted a picture yet.

Did you see ours?? LOL ~ farm country is NOT pretty in the winter (talk about brown & dirty).


Diane ~ I love love love that picture - the bird house completely makes it!


Mari - you live in such a beautiful area. 


Angie ~ did ya'll get snow yesterday?  I'm so sick of the mud I could spit - I don't like April because of the mud....much less a whole winter full of it.


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Great Pictures so far.   Love the Train!


Here is mine.  Like KellyKay said farm country isn't pretty in the winter.  So much MUD but here is a couple of our street.


Winter 2012 012.JPG


This is looking from the street to our house/farm.  We live on SWAMP street.  So you can imagine this time of year, the farm land is very swampy.  


Winter 2012 011.JPG


You can't really tell in the pictures to much but the fields are about 4 to 5 feet lower than the road.  Mom was born in a house just across the field from our house now, she said when she was a kid the fields use to be level with the road, but because of the farming industry and the crops that get hauled out, the dirt has slowly of the years been carried out of the area.  When my grandparents came to the area, (they were the first produce farmers out here), they said the road was made out of whatever wouldn't sink down in the muck.  Pallets, and rock mainly, but whatever they could find to drive on and keep the trucks from getting stuck.   (Just a little History lesson about SWAMP STREET).  


Winter 2012 006.JPG


Just another swampy field on our street.   

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Here are three that I took this morning.  The first two are from the same location - I have a little point-and-shoot but it has a great zoom.  As you can see, my street is dry and boring in the winter. Oh wait - it always looks like that!




Weird sun thing going on. This was at 10:30 this morning.



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Our street.... this is as exciting as it gets.  LOL 



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