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Homemade Receiving Blankets!

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Our minister and his wife are having a baby, and they are having a Baby Shower Sunday after church.  I usually try to make a baby blanket for expecting parents on my gift list, but first off I knew mom was making one for them, plus I figured a lot of the woman at church sew so I figured they would be overwhelmed with Homemade Baby Quilts.  So instead, I made them a couple of receiving blankets.  


I decided to do this after seeing how thin and crappy looking the ones you buy in the store are anymore.   I took two pieces of coordinating flannel material and sewed them together and then just ran a seam around the outside for double security.  They turned out really cute and so much nicer than store bought and only cost me about $5.00 for both. 


I also made them some of my Burp clothes that I have made in the past along with a diaper strap.  So easy, but figured they will get good use out of all of the items.


Winter 2012 015.JPG



There is two receiving blankets.  Each side has a different print.  They are a little heavier than what a normal store bought receiving blanket would be, but the baby is due in April so I figured the added thickness would be nice, expecially when the weather starts to warm up and a quilt would be to much.  


Winter 2012 025.JPG

I made a lining for a basket to put everything in.  2 Receiving Blankets, 3 matching burp clothes and a matching diaper strap.  


Total cost:  Under $10.00

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Those are great   What a thoughtful gift.  :)

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Those are beautiful!!!

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The ladybug fabric is so cute!

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They are adorable, great work!

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They are gorgeous!

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Homemade receiving blankets are so great! When my dd was born, my cousin made me two and they were a little bit bigger than the store bought ones and they ended up being the only ones that I used (they are still in use for dd's babies)

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Will the baby shower was yesterday.  The gift went over well.  I made a wise choice in not making her a quilt because she got tons of blankets and quilts.   My receiving blankets were the only ones she got.  (I was surprised about that).


Thanks for the comments ladies.  I love to make baby things.  Probably my favorite projects to do.  

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