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What have you made that SAVED you money?

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What have you made that saved you money?  A DIY project? Reusable something? A gift? Alterations? Something you needed and said, "I can make that?" (and then you actually did ROTF.gif)


Here are a few things I've made that saved me money:


*summer hat for M (which I needed in the dead of winter when we left for India)

*sheet for the port-a-crib

*altering thrift store clothes into maternity clothes (this saved me TONS)

*greeting cards

*a homemade pinata biggrin.gif


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  • Bed skirts for dd's beds
  • Shams for dd's bed
  • Shorts and capris out of jeans we already had
  • A kitchen compost bin
  • Living room curtains out of dropcloths
  • Greeting cards
  • Painted my old headboard for one dd
  • Painted a thrift store trundle bed for the other dd


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cards, curtains for dh's back room out of old fabric, ice cream

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We pretty much always try to alter something we already have before getting something new. 


Ds is using my day bed from high school for now and it will be dd's later, he also uses dh's old dresser. 

When we cleaned out our office to make dd's room and got rid of years of old paperwork, we put an empty filing cabinet in the coat closet to hold items like hats, scarves and gloves and an extra set of shelves in ds's room to organize games.

We used a kitchen storage unit with a countertop as a desk for awhile, it was small and fit in the corner of our room. Now we just use a few shelves we already had to store office stuff.

I have an old school desk from 1906 I use as a lamp table in my living room.

We have extra wood from the back fence that was recently built and dh is going to build a bench and a balance beam for the backyard.

Dh also took an old basketball hoop from school and made a backboard and pole for it and installed it in the backyard.

Just last weekend, I found a nice looking curtain panel on super clearance at Target and made three valances from it: two for the dining room and one for the kitchen. I also took a small table cloth I had and made a valance for our room.

Dh rescued a bike trailer from the recycling at school that had worn out fabric sides and made new side panels for it, we used it for years with both kids.

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I have made Baby Quilts, Receiving blankets, burp clothes, stuffed animals, Blue Jean Quilts for the adults on my gift list, clothes, pillow cases, tool rolls, Rice heating pads.  


I make my own gift cards!


Today I actually made a scrapbook for my sister's birthday.  It is a scrapbook of our "Ice Wine Festival", get a way that we took yesterday together.   


When I was waitressing I made my own aprons and actually made them for the other girls I worked with and sold them.  


I have made my own purses for a long time, instead of buying any.  I have also made wallets, checkbook covers and change purses.  


My biggest savings from making stuff on a regular basis I would still have to say is my "Homemade Laundry Soap",  I have been making this for a few years now and am so thankful for finding the info that I have found which led me to making this for my home.  

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I save a lot making gifts, too.  I made a bulletin board for my in-laws, photo books, lots of baby gifts.  One year I made felt sack lunch sets for all of Maggie's friends for their birthdays.

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The only thing I can think of right now is my homemade laundry soap.  I tried the homemade dishwasher soap but it didn't work too well and DH ended up buying dishwasher soap.

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So much!  I love DIY projects.  I am proud to say I do follow through and make a lot of stuff.


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