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Summer Bucket List

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Start to brainstorm with your children a list of what they want to do this summer.


Last year I wrote it down on a large piece of paper and taped it to the basement door. Let your kids cross it off the list when it's done.


It's also a "go-to" list when you hear the dreaded words......"I'm bored". 



Come back and post what is on your summer bucket list. 


(Starting this early this year because some kids will be done with school in May).

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What a great idea!  Wish I had heard about this when mine were little.

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Art Museum

History Museum


Hanging out (I've been informed 10 year olds do NOT have playdates any longer) with friends



Having fires in the fire pit

Camping (for ds and dh, I do not sleep overnight in a tent.  Clausterphobic)

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this summe it will be small


kids to read and do math facts

have a baby

enjoy time with all 4 of my girls!


(and something the girls want todo is go see Kelli's farmwink.gif

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This is a great idea!  It's something I think we will have to sit down and start planning. 

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This IS a good idea.  I am going to do this with my kids, too.  With me working full time, I hate how much we CAN'T do anymore..but making a list of things we CAN do..and then making sure we do them...should help us all!!!!! 

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I started mine.  This is what I have so far:


summer bucket list

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Awesome list Kim! I need to get working on mine. Ds is out of school next week.

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I am going to try not to repeat your list

- Pick a country and cook the cuisine from there

- attend a concert

- Flashlight Tag (DS is going to be 14 and he still loves playing this)

-have a bonfire roast marshmellows

-camp out in backyard

-visit your nearest large city as a visitor see all sights you take for grated living so close and end the day if budget permits staying at a hotel wake up the next day and have bkfast before heading out

-go night swiming (one of my favorite things to do as a child)

-go fishing

-write a pen pal (celeb or family or friend who has moved away)

-learn yoga

-start a family tree

-breakfast picnic

-ice skating

-have kids make no bake desserts (search internet for receipes)

All I can think of for now

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Great ideas, gladtobeamommy! 


We have two threads going on this topic.  I posted a bunch of other ideas here:

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