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How do you handle nightly after dinner clean up?

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Does someone cook and someone else do dishes? Does Mom do it all? Does Dad pitch in? The kids? How does your typical nightly cleaning of the kitchen run?
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most of the time I'm cooking (although every once in a while dh does a dinner or two) since I'm usually home way before him.  we started doing this nightly thing once a week where one of the kids makes a dinner (mom supervising of course).  Everyone helps clear away the dinner dishes and load etc, but when it comes to putting away leftovers, and the final sweep and cleaning - its me.  This way I know when I go to bed I won't be looking at a mess when I wake up!!

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I always make dinner and most of the time do the dishes.  dh has been stepping up to do dishes lately.  The girls take their plates out to the kitchen.  I don't ask them to do a lot in the evenings because they don't get much free time with homework.

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I do everything.  Everyone will put away their own dishes and if one of the older girls is home, she will usually just start helping (which is very nice).

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I normally (we eat out 2-3 times a week) make dinner everynight.   Once we are done with dinner, everyone takes their plates to the sink and sometimes rinses them.  Our AuPair takes the leftovers out in containers, and cleans up the table.  I always do the dishes (either by hand or dishwasher--depends on the amount of dishes).   I then wipe down all counters and the stove if I had not already done then once I got done cooking.  Then I will sweep the floor.  I like waking up to a clean kitchen.

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sorry double post.

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I cook dinner every night. If I want the kitchen cleaned up that night, I have to do it. If I leave it to the morning, dh will do it, but that's not a normal thing. My kids are too little to really help, ds does take his dishes to the kitchen.

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E cooks and I clean up right after we eat.


I like things done a certain way, which is MY way. biggrin.gif

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I cook and dh does the dishes.

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Usually, I do after dinner clean up.  DH will do it occasionally if he can tell I am overwhelmed.  But he always grabs a couple things (condiments etc) and puts them back for me before he goes and plays with the kids.  The girls (2yo and 3yo) are responsible for putting their silverware in the sink and bringing their sippy cups to the fridge, which I open and they put in on the bottom shelf. 

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