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Has anyone prepared Swai?

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I'm looking for some recipes for Swai.  I may just make it like I make my Tilapia.  



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We just has swai last Friday night and LOVED it!  I bought some a few weeks ago at the Dominicks meat counter and it was a great deal.  I can't remember the price per pound, but if I remember right it was cheaper than tilapia.  The butcher said that while it is in the catfish family, it tastes nothing like catfish.  I am super picky about fish, but he assured me it didnt taste fishy.  Anyway, I wish we had bought more it was so good.  Great meaty texture, no bones and definitely not fishy.  Here is how I prepared it:

- Washed/rinsed the fillets well (ours were really big fillets)

- checked for bones & found none

- put 9x13 glass pan in 350 oven with about 1/2 stick butter

- once the butter was melted, I pulled the pan out of the oven and put the fillets in

- turned fillets over so both sides got buttered

- sprinkled fair amount of cajun seasoning and a little black pepper on the fillets

- baked in oven until done (making sure not to overcook)


I will definitely buy more of this. It tastes very mild like Cod or Haddock, but is cheaper. 

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I have not tried Swai yet only because I didnt know anything about it or how to cook it.  The recipe above sounds great.  I will have to get us some Swai next time I see it on sale.  I would love to see some other recipes using it.  :)

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I have never heard of it, I will have to check it out.  It sounds good.  Thanks for the recipe Go Pack! 

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Thanks for the recipe, GoPack!  I"m going to try it that way.  I like that the fillets are thicker than than Tilapia.

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This was SO easy, and yummy!  We'll definitely make it again.  Prep took less than five minutes.  I used the Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning (available at Target).




oven baked swap

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