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Did you EVER let your baby sleep with you?

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ALL of mine did.  I am a very light sleeper, and I probably have permanent damage to my rotator cuff from HOW I slept with them, but yes, each and every one did.  


Cayden does off and on with Emily.  Emily is NOT a light sleeper, so she tries not to because of that.  And if she does, it is usually only because she was up fussing during the night.  

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yep all 3 of mine! made BF so much easier!


Actually 3yr old dd still has to sleep with me

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Almost never. I just did not feel it was safe.
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No. I knew two people who had lost babies due to suffocation. I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if they had died. 

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Only once when we brought him home that first night and didn't know what to do because he was crying biggrin.gif , and once I had to get some groceries and the both of them ended up in bed.  I got a cute picture!


Outside of safety, I never got a decent night's sleep with ds just in the same room!  I am  really light sleeper and slept so much better with him in his own crib, in his own room.

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M'ija slept with me as often as not when she was a baby/toddler. 

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Nope.  L is 3 and has never stayed in our bed with us.  Neither of our younger two have either.  Beside the safety issue, I think that the marital bed is just that... I know some people find that offensive but the girls get plenty of hugs, kisses and cuddles during the day.  They do not need to be in our bed.  If they wake at night, I take them to the rocker in the livingroom or cuddle with them on the couch. 

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The only time they've slept with me is when camping and sharing a tent.  In the house? Nope. They have their own room, their own crib/bed, there is no need for them to not be in it.

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I am a co-sleeper and we not trade it for the world. We did not start till he was a year old, for the safety reasons everyone knows about. He never slept in the crib though, he was not a good sleeper. He slept in this rocker thing for awhile. then we moved him to a mattress on the floor beside out bed. We got him a toddler bed at a year old, and I do not think he slept in it more than a couple of nights. Again he is not a good sleeper. He still isn't. He sleep walks, talks in his sleep, and has terrible nightmares/night terrors. I get more sleep with him there, then I would up and down all night checking on him. We are hoping he out grows these things so he can move to his own bed, but we are in no rush.

As for the marital bed thing, Dh and I have not shared a bed since BEFORE we were married. We each have different needs when we sleep. In fact sleeping separately has been what has kept us married for 11 years.

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With my DS, he slept with me almost from the beginning.  I tried to get him to sleep in the crib, but I think he was so used to sleeping in our room, he would NOT sleep in the crib and I needed sleep, so he slept with me.  DD1 did not sleep with me until she was about 1 year old...but especially around 2-3 when I was going through my divorce.  After they were older, I had them sleep in their beds, but they ended up in my bed sometime during the night.  It wasn't until I got remarried, 4 yrs ago, that they started staying in their beds.  Now DD2, I was anal about her sleeping in her crib...well, my ex-hub would about pee his pants because he wanted quiet and sleep so she started out sleeping in the living room with me, but in her car seat....then once he moved out, she went to the crib and was my absolute best sleeper of them all....up until she figured out how to climb out of the crib at about 1 year old.  She would NOT stay in the crib and would cry and cry and she now sleeps with me.  I am currently cleaning out the room and putting a toddler bed in for her to sleep.


I will say, that I would not trade any of the sleeping and cuddling with my kids for the anything.  It made all of us feel so close together....


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