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Costco & Movie packs

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We just took our son to see Mirror Mirror this past weekend and I saved some money by buying the passes from Costco....I got:


2 adult admissions, 2 drinks and popcorn for $24.99

1 child admission, kids drink, popcorn and kinder egg for $10.49


They also sell bigger packs like 2 kid admission ones, 4 packs that each include 2 admissions, 2 drinks & popcorn for $99.


With movies being so expensive when I don't have free passes this is how I will be going.

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good deal...What kind of movie pack was it? (theater type I mean (AMC, regal, etc) We usually goto AMC b/c the tickets are only $5 Mon-Thurs and matinee price is also $5 Sat & Sun. It's the popcorn and drinks where they get ya though

(I know, I know, it's where they make their money......but suck our wallets dry!!!)
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At our Costco, there are not movie packs, just a set of two movie tickets for about $16. It's still a good deal. My dd's like to give them and some boxes of candy as birthday gifts to their friends.
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I'm loving all of this information! I always thought getting movie tickets from Costco was a bargain; however I read your post and did some checking in the theaters in my area. It turns out the first showing is the cheapest. In my area it's $6.00 instead of $5.00. Still this is cheaper than Costco. Thanks for the theater insight!
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