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I made my first batches of Dandelion Jam for the season. It's so pretty in the jars, tastes similar to honey, just a touch lighter and more 'flowery'. I've heard it tastes a little like green tea as well (which I don't drink, so couldn't tell ya).


I had the kiddos fill up a pail with the blossoms from around the yard. This weekend we'll probabably take a walk and gather up some more. I want to go check on the fiddleheads. With the crazy weather we had this winter I have no idea if I'll be too early, too late, or on time for those though.



Do any of you cook/eat "foraged" items?

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No.  I wouldn't know what was edible and what wasn't.

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Never heard of Dandelion Jam, but that does sound interesting.  Do you have a recipe of how you make it?

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My parents were into the foraging stuff when we were growing up (back in the Euelle Gibbons age).  We used to eat dandelions, but I found them very bitter. My dad said that if you kept changing the water as you cooked them, it would take the bitterness out.  It didn't seem to work very well to me, but we were kids, so probably our palate was different than as adults.


We also used to eat the bottom of cattails (supposedly tastes like asparagus), pigs weed (cook like spinach) and borage leaves (very fuzzy like a peach but supposed to taste like a cucumber... didnt like the texture as a kid).  The things I did like was taking violet and nasturium flowers and using them as edible decorations on salads and desserts.

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I've had dandelion leaves in salads along w/ edible flowers, but that's about it.  I didn't know that about cattails. I remember my mom pulling over off the side of the road to pick cattails all the time as a kid, but she used them decoratively.

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We've had morel mushrooms that we found by the cabin, but no greens. They were super yummy.
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I personally never have, but I do have my Great Uncles or Great Grandpas (I can't remember which of them right now) recipes for dandelion jam and wine.

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We used to but stopped when we moved to Idaho because we didn't know the lay of the land as well. Now that we'll have some property all our own - so we know what has been sprayed and what hasn't - we'll get back into it.


I've never made dandelion jam, although I tried to make rose hip jam once (it didn't turn out well).


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Never have made or had the jam, but I have had dandelions wine.

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