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KC ordered to pay 8Million dollars to brain damage girl

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How did they get evidence of salmonella from one particular sandwich that had already been consumed? It just seems more plausible that if the whole family was sick (seriously, the whole family 'shared' her sandwich?) that it was something the family made that caused her to get sick. It just seems like there are much more likely possibilities.


If it was in fact a single KFC food item, then I'm glad they are receiving damages entitled to them.


Either way, poor girl.

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I was wondering the same thing. Unless maybe they ran lab work on the contents in their stomachs at the time they got sick.


Either way that poor family.

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Typically there are other products that are also contaminated which is how they get the evidence. The girl was one of the people who got extremely sick from the contaminated food. Like with the other family members, people get salmonella and survive to tell the tale. Not everyone does.


Very sad.


And I agree that KFC isn't strictly to blame. Their source of the food probably is. However, they get partial blame because they aren't certifying their source.


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I had to look up what a Chicken Twister was, because I thought it was like chicken tenders, but it is a wrap.  I found another article and that one says the family were hospitalized after sharing the meal with her, which could mean that they were sick from eating other items from that KFC.  The other article shows a picture of a chicken twister, which looks like it has mayo, could have been the mayo that was bad, or maybe the chicken.


I feel sorry for the family and for this legal battle to drag out for 7 years and now it sounds like it isn't even over because KFC is appealing.  I hope the courts are able to enforce the payments to the family.

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What I would want to know s if other people that ateatKFC got sick or not. Doesn't seem like only one family would get sick.
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Other people probably did but may not have attributed it to the KFC meal they ate or, if they did, couldn't get a doctor to test them or report it. This little girl, however, was so sick they had to find out the cause. They probably did the testing in the hospital because they wanted to make sure the treatments they were giving her were effective.


When my DD was in the hospital with a kidney infection she actually had e-coli. Where did she get it? HOW did she get it? We don't know. Besides we had just been travelling so it could have been from any number of sources. Had the infection been something else - like salmonella - and if it wasn't responding to treatment, they might have investigated further.

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