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Originally Posted by deemom View Post

I have not yet, but it's on my Nook to read. I believe originally it started out as fan fiction for Twilight so I don't have high expectations from it to be a well written book. A few coworkers have read them and really liked them. 


If Christian romance is as naughty as you like to go than these books aren't for you. ROTF.gif


Ellen Show did a clip on it where she was acting like she was auditioning for the audiobooks that was hilarious. 

Dee, I just started the second book. I saw the clip from Ellen and the spoof from SNL.. absolutely hilarious!!! ROTF.gif

I agree with the bad writing part and I like you, just want to see how it ends up at this point! My sister and I have our little book club discussing these books. 

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Originally Posted by Dewdrop75 View Post

I'm reading this right now, and am so annoyed at the main character saying, "Oh my" all the time.  I keep rolling my eyes every single time she says it, she says it way too much and I am not even half way through the first book.

She annoys me with the constant over thinking!! You know what happens if you roll your eyes!! LOL!!eek.gif

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Originally Posted by mcdavis2000 View Post

Any ideas on who should play Ana and Christian?


As I was reading I imagined Julian McMahon (Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck) being the perfect "Christian" If you are familiar with his character in Nip Tuck, IMO he has the presence and style that Christian Grey would. The only thing is he's not 27 at all! LOL!! I read in another site that the guy from True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard) is another favorite to play Christian Grey. I'm not too familiar with him though. Dee, I like Chris Pine!! 


As for Ana, Lily Collins would be a good one to play that part. IMO. 

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Parts of it was irritating (her over thinking, the oh my's, inner goddes stuff, the sex was basically very repetitive, by the second book it got better and the third was the best in the bunch- however all in all poorly written)  but with my inner self (the one who wanted to be a pshycologist) was intrigue with Christian's character.  An easy read for sure (could of been written a lot better) but with how quickly I read, I was able to read all three books within three days (and yes, I did take care of my children, make all three dinners and kept up with all my daily house chores), in other words a very easy read.

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I finally read it. Honestly it was so ho-hum until they got to the bar scene I almost put it down, but am glad I gave it a chance. No, it was not well written, but let's be honest here- I wasn't reading it for it's literary content wink.gif

I really liked it, and not b/c of the "mom porn" as Hubby calls it...I fell for the characters! I HAVE to pick up the next 2, just to see where they go from here.
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I couldn't get past the writing. Maybe ill see the movie smile.gif

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I have read book1 and I want to continue due to my curiosity for why Christian is that way. They can skip the sex, relationship bit for me and just get into that.
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I started it (thank heavens it was free from the library on my Kindle) and got maybe 25% of the way through and deleted it.  The writing was AWFUL to me.  The sex scenes at first were intriguing but then honestly made me sick.  It reminded me of someone that I know that knows someone who was into human trafficking and abuse.  Once I got that feeling I deleted it.  Funny, after I deleted it I did some research on it (S&M and WHY??!!) and a lot of websites say it's quite healthy.  Well, whatever.  I skimmed the book and even Christian Grey admits that he was totally "messed up".  He certainly didn't seem to think what *he* did was healthy.  Overall, just not my thing.

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