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Am I the last person in the civilized world without a Facebook account? - Page 2

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I only got one less than a year ago. I admit I don't really see the fascination either, but I know there are lots of people who spend hours on there a day. I needed to do one for my blog, so I set up a personal one just to see if I was smart enough to do it. I figured if I was going to mess one up I'd rather mess up my personal one. I didn't even friend request anyone. The VERY few friends I have are people who saw I had one and friend requested me. I do admit to enjoying reading my kids facebook (which I couldn't do without one) and seeing what their HS friends are up to. Now that they're in college, I don't see those kids who were such a big part of our life for so long, so it's nice to see. I have MANY friends and even relatives who don't have them and the ones who do really hardly ever post.....about like me, once a month or so. I also like it because I can get the coupons that are facebook ones or sign up for the facebook many companies seem to be going that way now. But I wouldn't sweat not having one. I don't think you're missing much personally.
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My husband doesn't have one, but he views mine all the time. He doesn't have his own to prevent him from responding to certain people's posts.

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Yes, you are the only person who actually uses a computer with an internet connection that doesn't have at least one FB account.


Well, okay you might be a member of a very small club, the membership is dwindling.


Honestly, FB is not that bad IF you know how to use it. Hints:


~ The FB e-mail address I use has no other purpose. E-mail addresses are free. You create a new one in seconds. I DO NOT link my real FB e-mail address to my FB account.


~ I DO NOT link my cellphone to my FB account.


~ Once I create the account, I lock down the security. I make my account unsearchable. If you knew my exact real name, city and state you still wouldn't be able to find me.


~ I flip all the options so I never receive e-mails UNLESS someone tags me in one of their pictures or makes a comment about me - and a few other settings.


~ Secure browsing is enabled and I only use FB on a secured internet connection (not a public one like at Starbucks.)


~ Under FB Ads, both settings are NO ONE.


~ If you 'friend' people and you don't like how their posting, put them on your restricted list and they'll never know! You can also block them.


I add friends individually by looking for people I know. Since they can't find me, I find them and tell them to look for my friend request. Yes, I do have friends and they're people I like.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE catching up with friends and relatives in far away places. I'm so much closer to my grandchildren, nieces and nephews now - as well as my in-laws. When we get together in person, the "catching up" is seamless. After all, we only "saw each other" the other day.


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No you are not the only one without a facebook account.  I use my computer and internet all day each day and I have no face book account.  I can't tell you how many times or people tell me daily I need to get an account etc, but I see no reason yet (although if I did I think I'd be using Cookie2's guidelines.

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no, i don't have one & don't have any interest in one either.   i'm more of a private person.

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I don't have one either and I will resist getting one as long as possible. The more of an issue it becomes in my life, the more I hate it. My husband and my sisters have accounts so I can stay relatively current on what's going on through them...but, still, I've missed more than one baby announcement that's been posted on Facebook but not communicated via email. I find it irritating but there's not much I can do about it (save to actually get a Facebook account rolleyes.gif).

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