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Did you have an ultrasound?

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And if so,how many?


With my first,I only had one..and had to fight for it!!  LOL  We didn't even know what she was.


With my second, I had two.


With the third, two again.


Then my "problem child"...I had them OFTEN.  Iknew at 16 weeks that he was a boy, and I had an ultrasound the night before he was born, too.


The last two were back to only two each.  

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With DD11 I had 9. All level 2's I had to go to chicago for because nobody local did them then. With DS4 and DD2 I had one each.

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With my first pregnancy I had 3 all in a 3 day period.

With dd #1 I had 1 to determine due date

With dd #2 I had zero.

With the problems I had the first go round you would have thought they would do them more, even though after genetic testing everything was fine, just never know.

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2 with each, one at the first appointment and one at 18-20 weeks, the usual.  I might have done a 3rd one with Maggie when she was overdue to check the fluid level. I can't remember.


With my last pregnancy, I had 2, one at the first appointment, and one to confirm the lack of heartbeat at 14 weeks.

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With my first two I had none, they were not routine way back then. The third I had one, 4, 5 & 6 I had several, the last one, I had at least one a week from the time I found out I aw pregnant until he wS born. That was the only one I found out the sex of.
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I had quite a few with both, but don't know the exact numbers. I had been an infertility patient for a LONG time before I got pregnant with #1 and was considered high risk. Every time I'd get nervous something was wrong with the baby (I was nervous the whole pregnancy something would go wrong after finally getting pregnant) she's order an ultrasound. One time when the ultrasound tech asked me what I was getting it for I said "I think she's just doing it to reassure me". My 1st was very large even though early, so they monitored me closely again with #2 (again....considered high risk) to see how he was growing. And boy was he growing!!
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With dd (1st child) I had none and with ds I had one.

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They were not common when I was pregnant.  I had two with R.  Once early on when they thought I had a cyst or tumor on my ovary (it wasn't anything) and then at the end of the pregnancy when they thought she might be breach (she wasn't).

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With oldest ds once a week (high risk)

middle ds every other week (high risk)
dd 3 times a week extremely high risk son I can't even tell you how many we have of her lol.

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Odd I had 3of them, last one being that there was no movement and they wanted to make sure she was ok


dd#2 I had 2 Ithink , 1 to date and the 20 weeker


DD#3 I had 2 as wel


baby #4 here , Ihad 3 so far 3rd one was cause they could not get a profile pic at the 20 weeker and dr wanted one

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