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Romney - teen bully in school

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These two articles - Romney apologizing for bullying a gay classmate (didn't know he was gay), and his classmates recalling the incident and events surrounding it - put Romney now in the position of apologizing for his behavior while at prep school.


My question - how far back to do we go in analyzing someone's history to determine who has the proper strength of character to run for a major office? With teens posting all sorts of stuff that can bite them in the butt 20-30 years from now while interviewing for jobs, I see this as a bigger trend in the future.


Newt Gingrich - criticized for all his affairs on his wives as a middle aged/older adult.

George W Bush - alcohol & drug abuse - not just in his teen years, but into adulthood

Herman Cain - long term affair while an adult

Clinton - did he inhale in college?

Romney - strapping the dog to the roof of the car as a married parent

Obama - eating dog meat as a child in Indonesia, where it is common. Or, the church he attended as an adult.

Romney - high school bullying?


Especially in light of all the news about teen bullying, teen suicides, bullying against gay kids in particular - do you think this will harm Romney? Do you think going back to actions he did as a teen in the 1960's would harm him?


Personally, while I think this shows he might have been a spoiled/entitled teen, I do think it's a stretch to bring this up now and make it fit who he is today. Even if he is against equal rights for gays, I do not think he would condone his own kids bashing gays or bullying other kids. At least I hope not - I'd like to think he has more integrity than that.  My own genius, wealthy, fun, church-active brother is a big Romney supporter and uber-Republican, and he recently told me he thinks all gay people should be taken out and shot. Needless to say, I see my brother in a much worse light than I did for the last 49 years.

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Honestly no one is perfect, and I'm sure we have all done something that wronged someone in some way or we did something that was wrong or illegal. Yes I admit I drank before the age of most kids in college. (Never drove though). It has no bearing on my ability to do my job as an adult. He apologized end of story in my mind. 



For me I think it's a huge character flaw and a trust issue if you are a cheater. If you are going to lie to your own wife than you will easily lie to everyone else in America to get a vote imo. I can't stand hypocrites so if you are running on a family values platform and you can't remember where your dick should be than I don't like you and I won't vote for you. 

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He should be ashamed of himself.

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It was 47 years ago. He was a high school kid. Yes, it was a hateful thing to do, but I don't think he should be judged for it now.

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I think it's ridiculous to bring up something that happened when a politician was in school. I mean seriously?!?! If they haven't got anything better on him than that they should just give up. They should stick to his policies.
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What's next, going back to his preschool years and finding out he pushed little Jimmy during circle time? rolleyes.gif

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Originally Posted by Starlite View Post

What's next, going back to his preschool years and finding out he pushed little Jimmy during circle time? rolleyes.gif

LOL. Maybe he was suspended for sexual harassment- telling little Sally she was pretty!

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