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I made a batch of vegan cookies for my grandfather who has kidney failure and is eating a vegan diet to help his kidneys.

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Right before we left for China to complete the adoption of our daughter, we went to a local Target store to register for an upcoming baby shower.  While waiting in the customer service line, my husband struck up a conversation with a woman about our upcoming trip.  As we made our way around the store scanning items for our registry, the woman my husband was talking to approached us with her daughter and handed us a bag.  In the bag: two adorable outfits and a rattling baby doll for our new daughter.  We, literally, were speechless. 

I have told so many about this act of kindness...and the baby doll went with us to China to hand to our daughter as she was handed to us.

We don't know this woman's name, but we will always share the story of the kindness she and her daughter shared with us!

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Made cookies to take to the ball park to share with the parents and coaches.  Coaches love treats!

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I recently went online to buy a local discount coupon book when I realized I could easily raise hundreds for my favorite local charity by signing on as a fundraiser instead...I signed up and in the past month I've raised nearly $300 for a childhood hunger program just by asking friends and family if they'd like to purchase one! 

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I was in line at Starbucks and decided I needed to do a "pay it forward" moment; I paid for the next two cars behind me. It made me feel so great!

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Yesterday I gave the girl at Sonic my money and told her to keep the change.  It was $4.  She was so excited.  Her face made it SO worth not having a Sonic drink for a few days to equal out my budget!

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As most of you know, I have just gotten a new job.  The only "bad part" is that Cayden, my granddaughter by my 16 year old daughter, has to go to daycare now.  We have a wonderful friend who agreed to keep her until the end of May (when her mama gets out of school for the summer).  I approached her yesterday about what I owe her so far, and do you know that she won't take a penny from me?!  She told me that this is HER "Pay It Forward" and that if I want to do something, I can donate to the mission group she works with or donate to their garage sale that is going to support their mission work.  How awesome is that??  Cayden is thriving with her, and I am so grateful for this.  It has made the transition SO much easier on everyone. 

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I try to do a random act of kindness atleast once per day.  Not only does it make me feel good but it helps the other person(s) feel good too. Today, I paid for the person behind me to have a coffee. 

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It is GBS/CIDP. Awareness month. Guillium Barre Syndrome often turns to a chronic form called CIDP. It is a painful and very disabling diseaseof the nervous system That affect 1 in 1000.000 people. There is no cure but the symptems can sometimes be kept under control with a blood product called Ivig. It takes the antibodies of 500 peopleto make one bottle. I go though 20 of these a month. It is an act of kindness that people donate their blood.God bless all of you.Even though I am not real mobile. I try to pay this forward. By using my 12 years of experience with this crippling disease. To help others weave their way through this horrible diagnosis. And their fights with insurance recieve this expensive but life giving treatment. I have to resort to my phone to use to do this as my computer is too old. ButI punch along. Thank you blood donars ..thank you for giving me And other patients some guality of life. Nancy Curry
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Today I made gift bags for all 17 members of our Walk for the Cure team. I can't wait to give them to everybody on Sunday morning before the race!

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