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Are you an emotional mom?

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Geez the last week I sure have been, my 11 year old will be going to Middle school in the fall and everything regarding this last couple of weeks of school has me teary eyed. His last elementary school concert he was in the 4/5th grade choir the orchestra and of course the 3/4/5th grade musical... He performed on the big stage at the high school auditoriam with his cello (front row too) and in October when we had went to see the High school electric orcresta he said, mom I might not keep up the cello I could never get on that stage well he did it smile.gif Just growing up sooo fast.

I cried at the email regarding the 5th grade picnic well I could go on and on. Anyway do you cry at all the milestones?? I guess looking back well yes I have, their first big one was pre school graduation redface.gif

Ladies enjoy those babies smile.gifsmile.gif
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It's been a really long, complicated school year, and now that it's over, it's all catching up to me and I cry at the drop of a hat. Emotional mess over here.

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In the car ride over to skate today with the 5th grade class we were talking about the thunderstorm they had to run through back in kindergarten after getting ice cream. The kids in the car remembered that I was one of the moms there. That made me tear up because that seemed like it happened just yesterday and and now it's been 6 years. 

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Definitely.  I hope I don't cry when we leave our beloved Montessori school tomorrow.

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My girls get mad at me because I am not an emotional mom.  J is even wondering if I'll cry at her wedding (I most likely will).  I did cry when they made their first Communions, not sure why, but I didn't cry when they went off to Kindergarten or for the Mother's Day tea programs they had, etc.  I wish I could, but it just isn't in me.

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I'm an emotional person in general, so I am probably an emotional mom too.  Haven't really had much to be emotional about being a mom lately, other than the kids driving me crazy.  I am sure when my kids start school I will be an emotional wreck.

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I'm even keeled. I'm not emotional in general, so I'm not emotional as a Mom. I think if you're an emotional person then you are an emotional Mom. You are who you are.


I can't imagine being overwhelmed with emotion all the time...nothing would ever get done! lol

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Originally Posted by Karen1985 View Post

I can't imagine being overwhelmed with emotion all the time...nothing would ever get done! lol

I'm definitely an emotional mom, but I'm not "overwhelmed" with emotion so much that it interferes with my life. rolleyes.gif I did cry TONS when I started taking my kids to Mother's Day Out and preschool. When my DD started kindergarten (I've talked about this many times before here) I would walk her to her classroom , go through a drive though, get a diet coke, and then drive around drinking it and crying. When they finally made us stop walking them to their rooms and just dropping them off at the front door, then I cried because I just KNEW she couldn't find her way 20 steps down the hall to the first door. rolleyes.gif She graduated college a few week ago and I cried as soon as they showed on an overhead large screen the procession across campus (a tradition they do) and all the kids marching. DD's last HS orchestra concert I overheard my DH telling people he didn't think I'd be able to get through it. Orchestra had been SUCH a huge part of her life and she loved it so much that I was so sad it was the last time I'd see her play with them. I cried when she had her last college concert a month ago or so. I had HOPED she'd play in our community orchestra this summer (she did the end of HS and one summer during college) but since she's flown the coop to CA, I guess that's not in the picture.

But despite crying maybe 10 mins a day over my kids, I still have the other 23 hours and 50 minutes to get things done. biggrin.gif
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I cry at all their events.


DD had a choir night, I cried.  DD sings for church by herself, I cried.  mini dd's christmas play I cried.  every event I cry.


don't know why.  not that I am bawling and bawling, but I shed tears.

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No, I don't usually cry at any of their stuff. Ds has his 6th grade graduation tonight. We just go because we have to. I don't really feel TNT moving to j high is tht big of a deal. But I am not a real emotional person either.
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