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Facebook Question??

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Ok, all you facebook experts.......How do you block someone from seeing what you post on your facebook page?  I don't want to block them totally, just don't want them to see what I post... 


I know to go to my settings, but I can't see where it hides my posts...just what others post on my wall.

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I'm curious too.  I know people can do this, because my friend's DD blocked her from her wall...

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Anyone??  I thought someone would know how to on here...  :)

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When you post a status update...... on the bottom of the box there is a place that says who can see your posts, (everyone, friends, custom) If you click on the down arrow here (mine says friends) go to custom and it says Hide from this person/people or make visible to certain people. Hope this helps

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When you post a status update, click the little Friends icon.  If you hover over it, it will tell you who can view that post.  If you click it, it will give you a drop down:  Friends only, Friends of Friends, everyone, ect.  Select custom and you can choose specifically who can view that post.

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I already do that...  is there a way to block all activity like I could before?  Like when you can view your profile as someone else...I do that and it shows all my only hides what other people post.  I'm not trying to be difficult...I could do it before the stupid timeline thing started. 

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go to your profile page.  There is drop down that says recent activity.  click 'view as' that will show you how you appear to public or a specific person.

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