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Kmart return policy???

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Does anyone know the kmart return policy, without a receipt. My husband bought me a tv for Christmas to go under my Kitchen cabinet and it does not fit right so I want to return it but of course He lost the receipt! GRRRR!!! Does anyone know what I will be able to do?
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I have no idea. I know that for awhile around here, if you went to KMart without a receipt, they wouldn't give you your money or an exchange. Maybe you should call and explain the situation. See what they will say.
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After Christmas I saw a lady trying to exchange some slippers she got for christmas without reciept--they were very mean to her--furst the lady said only if its the exact same product--well they didn't have those in her size so she tryed to get another pair the same price just different style and they refused!!!! she asked what am I going to do with those they don't fit and the lady said give them to the Salvation Army!!!! Really hateful.
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Dang it! I guess I am sutkc with the tv that doews not fit under my counter! Why did my Husband not keep the reciept!!! GRRRRR!!!! Maybe i will put it in my craft room when it is all done and get something different for the kitchen! Eventually! Stupid man!
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they always said they wouldnt return or exchange anything without a reciept but i saw a person return something without a reciept so i was confused not sure what was going on with that situation . i dont buy much from kmart becuase of that rule. i seem to lose my reciept all the time.
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I would not think you would have too good of luck especially now that it is so long after Christmas. It is worth a try though, all they can do is say no.
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I've not had those kinds of neg experiences at my Kmart. I don't think I've tried without a receipt, but I would at least ask. The answer is always no if you don't ask. I tend to think that mine would let me exchange it for another TV, but I'm not positive! One time they let me exchange something that was over the 90 days. I guess it depends on management.
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About 5 years ago (maybe more), I had received some baby clothes for my son as gifts, and I knew they were from K-Mart as they still had the price tag on it. I tried to return it, and they gave me a really hard time since I didn't have the receipt for it. I told them, i'll get something else in return as the clothes didn't fit my son (too small), and they would not let me. I eventually donated the clothes (with the tags) to Goodwill. They were really bad about their return policy. You HAD to HAVE your receipt. I'm not sure if their policy is the same. This was ofcourse when they had filed for Bankruptcy.
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I returned something to KMart a while back without the receipt. It was wallpaper and it was bought a LONG time before (but they still sold the exact same item) so I didn't really expect anything from them but I thought 'why not try? Maybe they'll give me a store credit" Well, they didn't want to give me anything but I made enough of a stink and I guess the item was cheap enough, that they gave me a refund in cash. I have no idea how your transaction would go....
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