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Tips for Shopping & Saving Money at Kohl's

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NEVER pay full price at Kohl's.  Their market strategy is to mark items up so they can mark them down.  Aim for 50% off or more on most items.


Senior Citizen day is on Wednesday.  Seniors receive a 5% discount.


Shop during Kohl's Cash periods, where you earn a $10 voucher to spend on a future purchase with each $50 spent.


Kohl's Card holders receive additional coupons and discounts in the mail not available to others.  ONLY use a charge card if you are responsible with credit and pay your bills in full each month.


Scour the "Gold Star Clearance" racks, where you find items marked down up to 80%.  


What are YOUR tips for shopping & saving money at Kohl's?

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When they have their 15%, 20% or 30% off sale, I shop online to get the 30% off.  The promotional code can usually be googled and there are usually free shipping deals as well.

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Originally Posted by Diane View Post

When they have their 15%, 20% or 30% off sale, I shop online to get the 30% off.  The promotional code can usually be googled and there are usually free shipping deals as well.

This is the biggest way I save too, not only do you not waste gas to get to the store you don't pay for shipping either!

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Originally Posted by Diane View Post

When they have their 15%, 20% or 30% off sale, I shop online to get the 30% off.  The promotional code can usually be googled and there are usually free shipping deals as well.

This is me too. Last week I ordered twice from Kohl's online and used the 30% off code. One of the things I got was isotoner gloves and nice women's leather gloves and they were about $3 a pair (suggested retail price according to Kohl's was $35 each). I bought 4 pairs and thought my DD or I could use them or I could always give them as gifts next Christmas. I can find amazing deals from Kohl's online.
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I only shop there when we get a 30% off coupon.  I gave up on the Kohl's cash because the period they give you to use the Kohl's cash is never convenient for me and nothing is on sale that I want.  We have also learned to stick to buying the name brands there.  We have been repeatedly disappointed with the quality of their Sonoma brand in women's and men's clothes and shoes.

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Kohl's cash lasts a lot longer than people think. Most managers will honor Kohl's cash at least a few weeks after it expires, some even longer. The motto at Kohl's is "Yes we can." They'll take pretty much everything back - they'll figure out a way to give the customer the best deal on a returned item.


If you leave a coupon at home, they'll honor it if it's still during the promotional period. Just don't lie and always say you left a 30% off at home. It's not cool to take advantage.

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I love Kohls.  I just took some items that did not work back and I was going to lose my Kohls cash.  They let me add something for the $10 I was short so I did not lose my cash.  I also love Hallmark Christmas ornaments and they carry them this time of year.  They do not carry all of them, but I try to pick up the ones I like that they do carry when I have 30% off.  It is a great deal and Hallmark only goes 40% off after Christmas, so if they have some I like I take advantage :)

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If there is an item you want, but your size isn't on the floor:

Look for an employee with a scanner and show them the item you want. They can scan it to see if the store has it in stock. If there is a low quantity left and they can't find it in back (needle/haystack), don't think that they didn't look. Same if their scanner says out of stock. Thank them and move on.


You can go to customer service and have them check surrounding stores if you need it soon. If they find it in another store's inventory have the rep call that store and verify that an employee has the item, in your size, in hand, and has it put at customer service in your name. That way you aren't wasting time on a wild goose chase. Make sure you go to the right store to pick the item up too. If you have other items I suggest purchasing the wrong size and exchanging it at the store with yours in stock so you lock in the price and get any kohl's cash you'd be earning, similar to the kiosk method I detail below.


If it isn't in surrounding stores, or you don't want to make a trip and aren't in a rush, you can use the kiosk instead. Shipping is usually free and you can use coupons on it if they specify online. Scan the wrong-sized item at one and it should bring up that item online, where you can select the size and such. It may not come up automatically, you can then search manually by keyword or department. There may also be a button on it to call an associate for help. If that is the only item you are purchasing you're all set, you'll get it in a few days, yay!


If you have other items and its a kohl's cash promotion week I suggest the following:


1) Order the right sized item off the kiosk. You can use % off discounts you have a code for if you want to, but you'll be returning this item for purchase price with receipt once it comes in.

2) Buy the wrong sized item along with your other purchases.

***This is so you qualify for Kohl's cash if possible. If your other items totaled 80$, and the wrong sized one cost 30$ (total 110), you would be eligible for 20$ in Kohl's cash. If you only bought the 80$ in items in store, you would receive 10$ KC, then none for the kiosk purchase.

3) After the kiosk item comes in, at your convenience (perhaps when you can use the Kohl's cash), return to the store with both items and appropriate receipts.

4) Return the CORRECT size to customer service for your full refund. Make sure to bring the credit/debit card you used to make the return so you get your refund. This makes it so the store has your size in stock.

5) Request an EVEN EXCHANGE on the wrong sized item. This will not effect the balance of your Kohl's cash. Make sure its done as an even exchange. Not a refund. Refunds can mess up your Kohl's cash.


You now have the item you wanted in the right size.


I am an employee and have had to do the kiosk thing for an additional reason, even on non KC purchases. Employee discounts online are only available if I use Kohl's Charge. But I can't get one since I don't have prior credit, and I'm not eligible for the relaxed employee application for a few more months. In store I can just use my employee ID# and pay by cash. An annoyance, but worth the extra 15% on bigger purchases (Shoes >.>)

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Additional Tips:


Watch your total during Kohl's Cash promotions. If your pre-tax total is very close to the next 50$ breaking point, pick up a something to push you over, like a cheap handsoap or chocolate near the register. You can effectively get an extra 10$ coupon for treating yourself to a chocolate bar in some cases. I try to point this out to people I ring but some other cashiers don't.


Opposite holds true as well. If your pretax total comes to say, 220$, you'd be earning 40$ in kohl's cash. If you tell the cashier to void an 18$ item you aren't -desperate- for, your total goes down to 202, you still earn 40$ in kohl's cash, and can use it to buy that 18$ item next time you come in if you still want to.


Using Kohl's cash and coupons: It says it in the fine print, but some customers get confused about the "cash" part. It doesn't matter what order we scan your cards/coupons in. The computer sorts them automatically. Say you have 30$ in Kohl's cash, a 20% off coupon, and an item that is current selling for 40$. Customers doing mental math while shopping often incorrectly think:


20% off 40 makes 32, so when I use my Kohl's cash it will only cost 2$!!!!!!

When our systems actually calculate it as:

40$-30$ Kohl's Cash= 10$. 20% off 10$= 8$


I know reading the fine print isn't much of a tip, but there is nothing anyone in the store can do to change the order the computer processes coupons. So don't hold up the line, throw a hissy fit, and make a bad day for yourself, the employee, and the people waiting behind you in line. I explained that exact thing multiple times to a woman once, she still didn't get it. I called a supervisor over, she explained it multiple times as well until it finally sank in. We didn't tell this woman anything different. She thanked the supervisor for clearing things up, then turns to me and says "I HOPE YOU LEARNED SOMETHING" while walking out of the store paying the exact price everything rang up at the first time.

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The Kohls cash will usually overlap for at least a day or two with the 10/20/30% off coupons.  Shop on those days for extra savings.  Also, if I find something on, and sometimes it's an online only item, I will go to the store and order it on the kiosk and only if I have a coupon.  This way, shipping is free.

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