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Cooking in a Toaster Oven

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Well last night our oven died. Thank goodness the stove top still works. I use my oven a lot so of course I freaked out when it went out. Dh brought down my toaster oven from storage. It was so dusty. I managed to make the pizza's in it with no problem, of course. Tonight I baked boneless skinless chicken breasts in it. They turned out fine, and Dh was pretty impressed. I ope he can get it fixed on Saturday otherwise it is going to be an interesting time till we can afford a new one.

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I wouldn't have thought you could cook chicken in a toaster oven.  Pretty ingenious.

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Our toaster oven claims it can bake, broil, and toast. In truth the only thing I had used it for prior to this week was baking craft projects in. LOL! I put it away due to lack of counter space when we moved into this house about 8 years ago. I was not even sure if was still going to work. It works great, and I am pretty confident in what I can do in it. It will hold a 8X8 glass dish and seems to take about the same amount of time to cook something as my oven. I am certain it is not as energy efficient as my oven but in a pinch I can make it work.

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We only got a toaster oven earlier this year when our kitchen was being remodelled. It was pretty good at heating up Costco meals for us. It does go up to 400 degrees & has a broil function, so I am sure I can cook certain things in it pretty well. I would like that for the summer as I rarely run my oven in the summer. If you have to replace your oven, look for a floor model for less.

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I use my toaster oven all the time. Grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, tater tots, thin cut pork chops, cookies, pizza slices, desserts, all kinds of stuff. No need ot turn on the oven for 10 chicken nuggets. We don't make toast in it though. LOL

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We use it for frozen things like chicken nuggets instead of the microwave (dh claims the microwave makes them soggy). I also use it for english muffin pizza, garlic bread, and the like instead of the big oven if that's the only thing being baked/broiled.

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Glad it worked out for you!  Last week I made a lasagna in my electric roaster because it was hot here and I didn't want to heat up the house with the oven going for so long to bake a lasagna.  So I put it in the basement, turned it on and it worked great!!  We always had an oven in our basement when I was little, same with my grandmothers, for when it got too hot.  No air conditioning in those days!  Kind of brought back my childhood to me!

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We have one of those large roasters, thanks for the info. I can use that for some of my larger items!! I am hoping I wont need any of this after Saturday, but if Dh cannot fix it we will be having to get a new one which will take a couple of weeks or more to find and save for.

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I actually prefer cooking and baking in my toaster oven, I only have 1 child left at home, so our meals are small, and it saves money.

Win, win!   biggrin.gif

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