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Do you refrigerate Pies?

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Does it matter if it is homemade or from the bakery?  I just bought one from the bakery and will not be serving it until tomorrow.  Do I need to refrigerate it?

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Depends on the pie. Cream pies generally need to be refrigerated. Fruit pies are pretty much ok at room temp. I have kept fruit pies in the fridge and on hte counter. Doesn't matter either way as far as flavor.

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I stick all cakes and pies in the fridge.


I rather be safe than sorry, and also I can't stand room temp. pies or cakes.

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It is an apple pie.  


From previous posts, you know my mother doesn't have the best habits when it comes to food.  She would always keep the pie on the counter and one day I almost bit into one that had mold on it.  Yuck!  That's why I ask.  Plus the bakery keeps them out on the counter...


Just wanted to add, I'm sure my mother made the pie a week before we arrived--so it wasn't just sitting out for a day or two.

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I'll keep them out (fruit pies, not custard or something obviously), until they are served and cut. Leftovers go in the fridge. I don't know why an uncut pie warrants room temp over a fridge, but in my mind it all makes sense lol


I don't refrigerate [cup]cakes unless I'm chilling them to cut or it ridiculously hot and I'm worried about frosting melting.

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I would keep an apple pie out. It would take several days for it to mold. If you refrigerate it the crust will probably become soggy.
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I do the same thing as Karen with Apple pie but thats how my grandma always did it so I just do not sure it matters at all.

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I refrigerate everything. #1 - Cut down mold growth. Here in the south especially it can happen so quickly (you'll probably taste it before seeing it). #2 - In an effort to keep bugs at bay. Who knows what is crawling around in the kitchen at night. #3 - To prevent early consumption. In our house "on the counter" means you better eat it but they'll ask before eating something in the frig. If the item is something I'm serving to guest, you bet I'm refrigerating it.


Food safety-wise, the sugar in most fruit pies and cakes should be enough to inhibit food-born pathogens (much like the sugar in canning - it binds the moisture). That's not the danger. All cream-based pies need to be refrigerated, though. The same applies to any cake that has fresh (uncooked) fruit in it (like a cake with a layer of fresh strawberries inside). If it is particularly hot, the oils or fats in the pie crust can turn rancid but that would be more of a concern at a picnic where the item might be outside.

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i would put it in the fridge. better safe then sorry.

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I wouldn't because of all the sugar will definitely preserve it unless it is a custard type with any kind of milk - then I would.  But I also defrost milk at room temperature, have my frozen cheese defrosting in a bath of water, defrost my meat on the countertop with no ill effects and basically do all those things they say you shouldn't do.  I'm old school that way and we've never had any problems.

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