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Got Baby Orajel coupons yesterday...Nothing big, but any coupons help! It's just exciting to get something!
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I received a new born diaper from Pampers, funny thing is my youngest is 2 1/2! However I have a 3 month old daycare child so she can use it!

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I am sooo glad I find this board! Yesterday I received a salad dressing sample and a coupon for a free box of ziplocs with a coupon booklet. Today I got the degree deodarant from walmart and the vital radiance eyeshadow. I am loving the mailman right now!
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Today I had a great mail day. I received the Tony Wu Salad Dressing, Package of Always pads, Hanes panty and Degree Deodarant. I was so excited- the past two days I didn't get anything- I was having sample withdrawal:D
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I actually and starting to get some stuff... Saturday I got Always pads and a placemat with soy crayons from Baby Fresh.
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I haven't gotten anything yet, but I just registered for stuff a couple of weeks ago. It will all be a surprise!!! LOL
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I got my free pair of panties yesterday! They are really cool! It's so much fun - I LOVE going to the mail now!
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Today was a good the mail, I received a degree deodorant sample, arm & hammer toothpaste sample, correct tape sample and samples from murad.
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This weekend I only received the degree deodorant sample. Last week I had received some samples from Sunsilk (shampoo/conditioner/De-Frizz) and Garnier Fructis (Shampoo/Conditioner) & sample of Fiber-Sure
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WOW - today was great ... I got Infusium shampoo/conditioner, Ban deoderant, a book for my dd, coupons for free Glad products, coupon for free box of Huggies, Rembrandt coupons, Skintimate coupons, Tag #4 coupon train, and a rebate check from Rite-Aid! Whoo Hoo!!!!
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