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I have not but clear locked box to put over all thermostat controllers gas fir place also. Like you see in restraunts over controls, my bill dropped from 180.00 a month to a whopping 52.00, because teens cant turn it on with out me! The house it stable at 69 degrees.
I bought the clear keyed covers at home depoe ten bucks, in isle by door locks! biggrin.gif

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I have not best thing i ever bought though to help with heating bill, is clear plastic lock covers to put over heater / gas fireplace controllers. My bill was 180 a month for 10 years, now kids cant crank it up and use gas fire place non stop rather then put sox on. My heating bill has not been over 52.00 for the 6 months. So i have already cut 500.00 of my yearly heating bill. Kids cant get to switch. Mom has the key cool.gif

Oregon momma
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Not yet. I have been baking a lot to get the chill out in the mornings and in the evenings. Luckily the whole place warms up when we use the oven. If it gets much colder I am caving though.
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Nope. Still have my windows open. Today it got to 57 degrees and still kept house open. We all just wore sweatshirts. 

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My goal is to not turn our heat on until October 1 or when the plumber is able to get here to do the annual maintance on it (whichever comes LAST).  Every time it kicks on I just think of all the money that is being burned! 


Our house normally ranges around 65 degrees this time of year but today it got up to 72 because i was using the oven a lot.  I'm not sure which costs more-electricity for the oven or oil for the furnace but at least with the oven I get something yummy to eat!

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I turned on the heat in our sunroom this morning (it's electric baseboard heat).  It was only about 40 degrees outside!  Brrr!

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It was in the high 80's today and probably in the 90's tomorrow, so heat is the furthest thing from our minds here in San Diego.  We are looking forward to it cooling down. smile.gif

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We haven't but I did use our little plug in room heater in my office today.

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