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I was hacked on Pinterest.

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I still don't really get Pinterest, hardly ever use my account, but this morning I kept getting all of these notifications that people were following me and repining something that I had put on there. But I hadn't put anything on there.

I went to my page, turns out there was a whole new board there. mad.gif I hate hackers.
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I just logged on my account--haven't been on it for at least a month.  Thankfully, I haven't been hacked.  I did change my password awhile ago and figure I'll just keep changing it.


Hope it gets resolved.

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Good Grief. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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The things hackers bother with. Pinterest? Really?

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I was too a few weeks ago --i got this message in my email from Pinterest ---- Someone just logged in to your Pinterest account from a new location in the Dominican Republic. We just want to confirm that this was you.




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Sorry to hear this Mel. I hopt this never happens to me. I hardly check it and I never log out!

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Mel, change your password ASAP, then delete the board and pins they created.  It happened to me a while back too, and I ended up being kicked out of pinterest for a while  because of the suspicious activity on my account.  Had to wait for support to let me back on.

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I changed it yesterday when I first noticed. The funny thing is how many people "liked" this stuff that I didn't put on there. I am not sure if it was just random people or if it was part od the hacking.
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